The Beginning And The End

Artist: Bizzy BoneTitle: The Beginning And The EndRating: 2 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Bill Low Key Heinzelman

As the internet follow up to his third solo album Alpha And Omega, Bizzy Bone's The Beginning And The End (7th Sign) is a similar release that suffers from the same problems his last LP was plagued by. The album's stripped down and lifeless production once again hinders Bizzy's performance, making for his most disappointing release to date.

With Bizzy producing the majority of The Beginning And The End himself, the album stays mired in repetitive and simplistic synthesizer production. The eccentric keys and inept drums of "Split Personalities" is a prime example of Bizzy's dated production. The irritating synth sounds of "Feelin' Lovely", "TryHustleMe" and the spacey "Time Travel" also demonstrate this. Other efforts, such as the eerie harmonized vibe of "Satan's Disciples" and the introspective "Head To The Ground" see improvements behind the boards but are still extremely stripped down and in need of some depth.

While Bizzy has struggled in gathering the right assortment of producers for his last two albums, thankfully his lyrical performances have stayed consistently solid. The Beginning And The End, like all his other releases, continues to display Bizzy's overlooked flow and quirky creativity. "Good vs. Evil" acts as a sequel “Never Grow”, a standout track from his sophomore albumThe Gift, which finds Bizzy succeeding with his own brand of social commentary. The song's touching piano loop adds a rich texture that is badly needed within the barren halls of The Beginning Of The End. "Be Careful Pt. II" is another successful sequel, and while not as captivating as the original, is still one of the album's gems. While not as creative, edgier efforts such as "Stress Builds" and "Ride Or Die" are your typical Bone tracks with their harmonized hooks and ominous vibes.

With two albums dropping only a month apart, Bizzy Bone has been hard at work to resurrect his career. However, just like Alpha And Omega, The Beginning And The End fails to provide the solid beat making Bizzy has been accustomed to receiving over the years. While he has matured greatly since his debut Heaven'z Movie, Bizzy's message is unfortunately being overshadowed by his sub par production. Maybe a call to DJ U-Neek is needed to get Bizzy back to the level we all know he is capable of reaching.