The Better Trio Of Running Backs: Dallas or KC?

The better trio of RBs…Big D or KC?

The past two years the Dallas Cowboys have had the best running back trio in the NFL of Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice. All three posses different running styles and could be the starter for any other team in the NFL. 

Barber is the Walter Payton esque tougher than ninja who has been in prison for ten years and mentally stronger than Big mama. Felix Jones is the scat back who can get through the hole with the quickness and is faster than email. T-Choice is the do everything back with the 20/15 vision. Last year the trio ran for 1,966 yards and 13 tds while averaging 4.9 yards per carry. I like the running back by committee because you preserve your guys for a preserve your guys over the course of several NFL seasons. The trio didn’t get off to a great start this past Sunday night with only 95 yards on 21 carries and no touchdowns. This is Jason Garrett’s doing more so than lack of bad play. The idiot also known as the Dallas Cowboys’ Offensive Coordinator decided to let Tony Romo throw the ball 47 times. 

BUT….there is a new trio in town. It’s in Kansas City and is led by Thomas Jones with Jamaal Charles and Dexter McCluster serving as his backups. Thomas Jones is the slithery thumper between the tackles. Sidenote. He still go with Meagan Good? Sorry about that. Jamaal Charles is a poor man’s Chris Johnson but has more moves than CJ2K. Charles went stupid the last four games of last season racking up 658 yards. Last night, he took a run 56 yards to the house. McCluster is the rookie WR/RB hybrid who can catch it, run, and just plain gut your defense. McCluster also took a punt return 94 yards for a TD. Charles went stupid the last four games of last season racking up 658 yards. This trio went for 131 yards on 23 carries and 1 td. 

Which trio is better? Sorry Big D, but the boys in Kansas City got y’all. For one, the KC backs have two home run threats that can take it the distance from anywhere on the field and don’t sleep on Thomas Jones he can go too when he has too. They are also better pass receivers out of the backfield. The Dallas trio are much better in pass protection and will beat you up physically over the course of a game. I’d rather deal with three bruising running backs because I have a chance to stop them as opposed to three backs that if we over pursue, miss one tackle, or make any mistake at all it could cost a defense a touch down. 

I’m still a Raiders fan and I still hate the Chiefs, but right now they got the best RB trio in the League.

That’s all I got, 

Ricky Writer