The Clipse: Times Up: Part 2 Give us a preview into the album, what will it be called? What can we expect from it?

Pusha T: See, I’m not sure if we are going to keep the title Hell Hath No Fury because honestly since time has gone passed we have switched a few records. We’ve actually switched up a lot, tweaked it and twisted a lot of the joints. So I’m not sure if we are going to keep the title, but I can say that this is East Coast Hip-Hop at its finest. I feel like this is what’s missing. We feel a lot of the East Coast influence in Rap is no longer there and I think that’s because these songs we are hearing aren’t very lyric driven. You mention East Coast style... as a Southern artist, what’s your reaction to Crunk? How has Virginia embraced it?

Pusha T: Yeah Virginia embraces Crunk. And I think Crunk is cool for what it is. I’m cool on Crunk. Any guest features on the material that is ready to go?

Pusha T: As of right now I have Sean Paul on one our records. I have of course the Re Up Gang, Ab-Liva from Major Figgas and Sandman. I have some commitments [from] R. Kelly. Ain't too many people Rap wise really talking the language to us, so we kept most of the rhymes in house. We wanted to get Shyne on there, but that is tough. Will you have production outside of the Neptunes? It was rumored that Pharrell frowned upon that idea?

Pusha T: Yeah, Pharrell and Chad have been very stingy with this album. We were going to do that, but Pharrell honestly made a request. Being that everything that has transpired as far as the record not coming out, he really wanted to make this one tight. He didn’t want any room for mishaps, and if mishaps were made he wanted to make them. When he makes requests like that, we honor that. Another thing too, I think it’s time for the single handed production team or producer to do the entire albums. I need those Gang Starr albums back. I need the feel and cohesiveness of those type of albums back. We need that cohesion back. You rarely see two man crews now in Hip-Hop, Do you guys ever plan to go solo?

Pusha T: Nah man, not at all. I think we are best as a team. We’re not really on no solo cake, we’re trying get all this money together. Lyrically both members of the group hit hard. Why do you think you guys are still so slept on?

Pusha T: You know what, because outside of the records that you hear, I don’t think you hear a lot of us. I don’t think you hear us overflowing the market with a lot of songs and freestyles. Why is that?

Pusha T: We had a tough time getting anything initially, when we first came into the game. And I think that’s partly because we from Virginia. We came into the game and basically were a sleeper. So when we had the hot records, things had already progressed and we were off touring and doing all types of things. When people were feeling us, we weren’t around to catch any of that. It’s all good though, because the mixtape is coming and we definitely gonna show people what’s what. If you’re all about lyrics, who do currently check for lyrically? When’s the last time you heard a verse that made you say wow?

Pusha T: Well I know for sure in sixteen bars there is noone more consistent than Jadakiss. And outside of that, I like TI. I’ve known TI for a long time. I keep Life After Death and old and new Hov in my deck. Other than that, not many other people I check for. I am really missing a lot of the East Coast, so I’m thirsty when I see a new 'Kiss or Styles P joint on a tape. We hear Roscoe P Coldchain is currently incarcerated. Have you spoken to him recently?

Pusha T: No, no, no. Roscoe P Coldchain just beat his case. Roscoe is home. If I’m not mistaken, he might be in Miami with Pharrell or if not he is on his way.