The Cons, Vol. 4...Finish What You Started (Mixtape)

Artist: Consequence/Clinton SparksTitle: The Cons, Vol. 4...Finish What You Started (Mixtape)Rating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: KeiSaundra "K Sincere" Henderson

Get familiar! The Cons, Vol. 4...Finish What You Started (MixUnit/G.O.O.D. Music) is worth more than a listen, or even more than syncing with your iPod. Kanye's "protege" Consequence is worth marking your calendars for his major release, Don't Quit Your Day Job, due early 2007. From track to track this Queens native lyrically compliments the beats with his smooth, reminiscent of old-school Hip-Hop flow. You can't help but notice Kanye undertones (ghostwriter, maybe?), but all in all, Consequence sets himself apart from his counterpart with his more "street" approach to metaphors and New York swagger.

Today every emcee has their own version of the street hustle. "Code of the Streets," illustrates the grind from the drugs and money to the cars and women, just like everyone else, but with a lighter approach. “We would do to our kitchens like extreme make over/But instead of remodeling the feinds take over.” Consequence takes the typical crack house story and turns it into a family-friendly television show. Q-Tip's cousin's approach to hood subject matter isn't so hood at all. However, he's got a very unique combination of commercial-friendly lyrics and a tongue in check delivery.

"Dollar Bill" featuring Mary J. Blige is one of the top three tracks on the mixtape. Consequence takes it straight to the old school: "I don't care if you smoke or pop a pill y'all, Dolla Bill y'all, Dolla Bill y'all, til I got a couple acres on a hill y'all," makes it clear that it's all about the mighty dollar. Finish What you Started seems like a dedication to dope boys. Immediately after "Dolla Bill," Consequence along with Bathgate tag team for "Comeback," letting everyone know that they get money and the consequences if the don't.

Clearly not a rookie to the game, Consequence is ready for the spotlight. After three independent release/mixtapes, Consequence has been sitting back awaiting his turn humbly while gaining arrogance from his mixtape popularity. "Clockin' My Style," "Couped Up," "Young and Reckless," and "Grammy Family" also show and prove his lyrical talents as well, keeping audiences entertained. It's only the beginning.