The Day All Hell Broke Loose, Vol. 3

Artist: Swishahouse Presents...Title: The Day All Hell Broke Loose, Vol. 3Rating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Paine

Michael "5000" Watts and Swishahouse discovered Mike Jones, Paul Wall, and Slim Thug. However, with only Paul still amicable with the label, their motives and staying-power is questionable. In a quiet year for Houston releases, Swishahouse unveiled their bright future in Lil' Keke, Archie Lee, and Coota Bang on The Day All Hell Broke Loose, Volume 3 (Swishouse/Asylum) supported by some notable guests.

"On What We On" is collaboration at its best. Juelz Santana joins Lil' Keke and Archie Lee over a beat by Grid.Iron that sounds like a flattering Timbaland imitation. With Lee and Keke reppin' Dipset, and Santana throwing up Swishahouse in his lyrics, perhaps it won't be long until Jim Jones' P.O.M.E. gets chopped and screwed. "Gangsta" is a mixtape-like update of Geto Boys' "Scarface", as Keke stunts alongside Brad Jordan. Lil' Keke is the runaway star of this compilation, he offers the most depth, and delivers verses with a sincere tone that rivals Chicago's Brother Ali.

While 5000 Watts gets a lot of credit for Swishahouse's sound, Mr. Lee is the man behind the beats. Unlike many H-Town producers, Lee uses Rock elements on "Swervin'", a nice contrast with a slowed-down bassline and energetic percussion. On "Truth Be Told", Lee slows down an organ riff and offers a genuine example of slab music.

With Mike Jones and Paul Wall, Swishahouse has yet to produce an artist known more for their lyrics rather than image and style. Though Wall fails to make an impression with this compilation, this album reveals that Lil' Keke will not only be the label's first Southside artist, but that he has lyrics-to-go in ’07.