The Game: The 50 Cent & G-Unit Section

Certainly, you didn’t think The Game was going to do an interview and NOT diss his arch rivals, 50 Cent and G-Unit?, how it all when down. And, true believer, if you didn’t get it yet, a rejuvenated G-Unit has dissed their Compton counterpart as well. Game specifically mentioned Banks, who responds here. And, if you want more of the The Game, read Part 1 and Part 2 of The AllHipHop Interview Series. You dissed G-Unit again, why go after them again?

The Game: ‘Cause I felt like it that day and I don’t feel like it today so no diss record’s coming out on G-Unit tonight but that day I felt like it. I mean I picked up the XXL and I see my name in a line so I just felt obligated that night. I’m still doing what I want, n***a you’re still wearing socks and shoes ain’t you? Stop wearing socks n***a. Stop wearing shoes. I just do what I want to do I don’t care about what people think. If you don’t like what I’m doing then don’t go on AllHipHop and don’t comment on my s**t. When n***a’s stop talking about me when I go on AllHipHop and see zero comments then I'mma go sit my old a** down somewhere but when I go on there and there’s 300 people on there talking about my one record that means everybody’s listening to the s**t man, so it’s all good. Point taken.

The Game: You got everybody in the world – it could be Jay and Beyoncé to Tiger Woods to Michael Jordan to Grouchy Greg it’s somebody that don’t think you’re the s**t. Somebody might think, “Oh it’s a Web site oh you know the thing AllHipHop ain’t the s**t” but they all know AllHipHop is the s**t. But you got all these other Hip-Hop Web sites, hiphopgame and all these other web sites that just they think they better than y’all but ain’t nobody f***in with AllHipHop. And y’all know that so what the f**k do it matter. Some people like Bush some people don’t, some people like Obama, some people don’t, people like Game, some people like 50, some people like [Jigsaw] better when you do the interviews, some people like Grouchy. But that can’t make y’all n***as break up you know what I’m sayin? I don’t give a f**k about what people don’t like. I just do what I want to do, man. It’s my life and I’m not livin’ for nobody else just my sons and me.

[For G-Unit's Take On The Game , Click Here] Story continues below. Now 50 doesn’t lyrically reply to you any more like do you think that means you won?

The Game: Huh? I been won. I won [with] “300 Bars.” I could of stopped this s**t a long time ago y’all know what’s up, man “300 Bars” was the longest f***in freestyle ever recorded in Hip-Hop history. It was mine it was classic, I took time writing it, it did what it did, it melted them n***as. You got bad b*****es that don’t got nothing about Hip-Hop or bars, you ask a b***h what a [rap] bar is she’ll tell you [a bar is] where she went to get a drink or what her boyfriend doin’ time behind. They don’t know a bar I gave n***as bars in that and that was what it is. I might diss 50 ‘til I’m in a grave I don’t give a s**t man. f**k them n***as, man. Them n***as don’t mean nothin’ to me. All that s**t is over. I was a part of that s**t, that s**t is over. Everything that I said was gonna happen - you remember when I first got kicked out of G-Unit I told y’all Young Buck was the next to go. Long time ago man, long time ago.

"You remember when I first got kicked out of G-Unit I told y’all Young Buck was the next to go." Right, I think I remember that.

The Game: At the end it’s only gonna be Tony Yayo and 50, Banks ‘gon go too man, I’m tellin’ you it’s only a certain amount of time man that you can just f**k n***as in they a** man and you can’t – that’s me man I saw the rubber comin’ I jetted, I’m out n***a, I’m not with that homo s**t you can do that homo s**t to them n***as man. Them n***as love a**, butt f***ers, butt pirates they do all that s**t that’s they s**t man, I like girls man. (Click here for G-Unit’s reply.) Now, 50 actually compared you to Buck when he was on the radio the interviewer said, “Yo this is like Game” and he was like, “It’s exactly like that”.

The Game: Right. What’d you think of that as far as the comparisons were?

The Game: I just told you… I been told you when I was in G-Unit me and Buck was tight. The reason we were tight is we had some of the traits…we were just real n***as. I stand for what I stand for and he really stand for his Cashville Tennensee s**t. I never figured Buck to be a soldier but I understand that he had to make a decision because he was signed directly to 50. I’m not, so I could shake them forever. I’m not signed to G-Unit. I never was signed to G-Unit but he signed to G-Unit so he had to make a business move for his family and his kids. So I guess he opted to stay in the group for as long as he could take it, you see now. G-Unit got an album dropping on my date, n***as gonna get smothered like homecooking.

(Editor’s note: Both dates have since been changed.)

The Game: Like Buck, I bet Buck is on the single but I bet you you won’t see Buck on the video, I bet you they edit him out of the video and that’s how 50 do. He’s a selfish dude. All that f***in money man and he don’t want to share it with the cats that are helping you, “Banks told me switch my style up” then why the f**k Banks ain’t got no big a** house then? If he the one who told you to switch your style up and that s**t worked for you, man. Where’s everybody else cheese man? How come nobody getting paid for G-Unit clothing as with 50 man? You made 500 million off of Vitamin Water, Banks and Yayo was your mans and they from Queens. Where’s their s**t at man? Them n***as ridin’ around New York City in motherf***in old a** motherf***in Buick. Celebrities and s**t. You know what I’m sayin’ - all they ice on. N***a Lloyd Banks got a hundred thousand dollars worth of ice on ridin’ around in a ’94 Explorer! Get the f**k out of here man. What’s that about man? I got Lamborghinis and Phantoms in my name that belong to me and I think that was dumb purchases I might have to get like Banks I might buy that n***a’s Explorer from him man and put that s**t on some 10s man. Put that s**t up for sale Banks, I’ll buy that s**t.

The Game’s “300 Bars”