The Geto Boys Willie Dee: Hits and Freedom

AllHipHop Staff

Right now, Willie Dennis sits in a jail someplace in Texas, accused of sales fraud for collecting money for iPhones, but now shipping the merchandise. Well, Willie Dee is still one of the pioneering artists in the Hip-Hop and there needs to be a movement for his release. The "Free Willie Dee" movement starts here. Its not a matter of guilt or innocent, but more of the community saying, "We Care." And at, we definitely care about Willie Dee.

Last year, when there was chaos surrounding the Ozone Awards in Houston, Willie Dee helped the entire crew get inside using his hometown juice. In fact, I'm a huge fan of the man. He rapped with a bellowing accent when a lot of Southern artists were trying to sound closer to their New York counterparts. Now, he's in a bit of trouble, facing 20 years, but Will's a good dude with a big heart. Furthermore, other rap acts get a slap on the wrist for violent offenses with their fancy inside corporate connects and lawyers. Hopefully, things work out and everybody can move on.

Below are some of the greatest (and sometimes humorous) moments of the great Willie Dee, both solo and with the Geto Boys.

"F**K The KKK"

When I was growing up, the KKK didn't live too far from where I was reared. So, menacing, my father would sleep in his car with a gun to make sure there were no issues as we built out first home. Well, Willie Dee, to my knowledge, is the only rapper to address the terrorist organization. "How can you say you're a Christian mother f**ker? When you don't even love your own brother." The rest of the song addresses the educational system, crooked cops, television and other societal enemies that Willie says "goes back to the slave days." You just have to love when he says, "every racist in America can suck my d**k and while you're doing it, listen to this: "F**k You B***h!"

"F**k Rodney King"

When Rodney King was beaten on video camera by the Los Angeles Police Department, he was a sympathetic figure of all that was wrong with our justice system. But then when the cops got off and he decided to cry for peace, he became an object of disgust to Willie Dee. In 1991, he crafted the record, "F**k Rodney King," a scathing diss song. "Rodney King, you damn sellout/you gonna cry for a cop/ the same mother f**ker that beat the hell outcha/ now, I wish they woulda shot ya!" Raw as sushi, but much of this song is about empowerment and opposition to pacifist forms of Civil Disobidience. He even goes so far as decrying welfare.

"Bald Head Hoes"

"Bald Head Hoes" would not bode well with Kanye West's ex, Amber Rose.

But, the song is eternally funny even though it seems like The Geto Boy was

dead serious.

"Actions Speak Louder Than Words"

People really don't remember this one, but its one of the hardest posse cuts from the Rap-A-Lot crew. The song is from Ganksta Nip's Southpark Psycho and featured Scarface, Point Black and even Lil' J (J. Prince). Willie's verse came the hardest on here - pause - and defiles just about every thing sacred. He spews, "Think its a game when it ain't/I'm letting you talk, but b***h I'll knock your lips off/ And get ready for ya kinfolk/ ya lil' sister be the first one to get smoked/then I'll grab ya grand ma by her weave hair and whulp her old ass with that wooden leg she wear." Too much!

"Read Theses Nikes"

Willie Dee often rapped about guns, but any real fan know Willie liked to fight. This title is an ode to stomping somebody out in a fight. It is a well known fact, Willie Dee knocked out Melle Mel in a celebrity boxing match back and the day. We didn't forget! Willie dared opponents to fall when he was scrapping so he could plant that logo on your body in a few places.

"Homie Don't Play That"

This song was Willie Dee at his screaming best! The song title was taken from the clown from "In Living Color." "Don't say I didn't warn you about playing them hoe games," he yells. To a funky Parlament beat, Willie is telling people not to play with him -quite literally. "See we aint that cool, that you can play with my girl and try to get a free feel, fool." How can you not love that.

"I'm Not A Gentleman"

Question: Why did Queen Latifah record "Ladies First?" Answer: So, Willie Dee could diss it.

"F**k Em"

This isn't a really a Willie Dee song, but since he wrote much of Bushwick's material, it a majority Willie Dee joint. This is one of the hardest songs I've ever heard in my life.

"Point of No Return"

This is another Geto Boys song where Willie Dee stands out. "J. Edgar Hoover, I wish you wasn't dead so I could put a bullet in you're head...we know you put the hit out on Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, Malcolm and the others." Scarface and Willie Dee back to back? Classic!

Good Luck, Will!