The Heart of tha Streetz, Vol. 2 – I Am What I Am

Artist: B.G. aka B GizzleTitle: The Heart of tha Streetz, Vol. 2 – I Am What I AmRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: ambers mom

B.G. aka B Gizzle couldn’t have chosen a better title for his latest effort, The Heart of tha Streetz, Vol. 2 – I Am What I Am (Chopper City/Koch). At a time when Soundscan or MTV’s TRL would have you to believe that the hottest joints from the South come with a bounce or a booty shake, B.G., the self-proclaimed “original Hot Boy” makes it clear that this isn’t for the dance floor – this is strictly for the streets. Bearing the pain of his city on his shoulders, the young Chopper General may just be the one to breathe life back into Chopper City.

Much like his native town, B.G. has gone through a number of his trials and tribulations in the public eye. After overcoming a highly publicized drug addiction, separation from his former mentor Baby and an alleged beef with Lil Wayne – B.G.’s focus is evident here. And for the haters who wrote him off or doubted him, refer to his comeback anthem, the aptly titled, “Fuck Em’ featuring The Show, produced by Crack Tracks.

The albums most exceptional street worthy tracks are led by the commendable production of Crack Tracks, as illustrated on “Kill or Be Killed” a dark and vivid reminder that New Orleans is repeatedly considered the nation’s murder capital. “I Aint Got Nothing” follows the ghetto’s laws against snitchin’ and is the only response B. Gizzle has for the Feds. Paul Wall shows up on another highlight, “Deuces Up” along with newcomer Young Redd. A certified favorite for the parkin lot, B.G. holds his own against Houston’s latest draw.

Despite the catchy current single and video, “Move Around” featuring his former Cash Money partner Mannie Fresh, female friendly attempts like “Get Yo Mind Right” and “P***y Poppin” come off weak and recycled.

Cocky yet composed, B.G’s signature drawl flows slow and easy like a shot of Bourbon on this convincing assortment of corner anthems. Solid production coupled with his unique braggadocio and persuasive pen game make this selection one worth listening to. B.G. did right by the citizens of “Uptown” New Orleans here, uninfluenced and undaunted by what mainstream says, he’s honest and candid and unapologetic about who he is, just as the title suggests.