The Hip-Hop Guide To Greece, The Splendor Of Sifnos (Part 2)


With all respect to Rick Ross, he could have easily written a song called "Sifnos, Greece". Lets take a visit.

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“Boat dock, only food is a fish / On the coast to Greece, where the views is the sh#t…” – rapper Nipsey Hussle

(AllHipHop Features) To Nipsey’s credit, once your mind is opened to Greece, it becomes a standard. The island of Sifnos is the Greek island where visitors get up-close and extremely personal with the culture and, even better, the people. What Sifnos represents is a perfect balance between the serenity and the social life. And, there are those views the West Coaster rhymes about.

I truly felt at home in Sifnos, which is strange. Oftentimes, don’t feel at home even at home. But the beautiful beaches invited me to take a dip, the nightlife encouraged me to be less introverted and the tourism was rooted in low-key, subtle education about local area. Sifnos was a relatively quick, painless ferry ride from Santorini and anexperience all by itself.

In Sifnos, I stayed in a modest, quaint villa among the locals. The owner and operator of the property cooked me breakfast and I sat with his mother and others. It was chill and welcoming, as others played in the pool. My New York sensibilities nearly prevented my mind and body from relaxing, but it was not to be. Soon, I would find myself on Platys Gialos beach with my cohorts kicking back and laughing. And, yes, I ate fresh fish, salads, desserts and other scrumptious delicacies at local restaurants.

During the excursion, we drove to the Chrisopigi Monastery, a religious wonder and one of the most photographed spots on Sifnos. We took a multitude of incredible pictures (well over 2,000 images and video over the whole trip). The monastery is nearly surrounded by beautiful water, where the waves crashed against the rocks along the coast. We took advantage of it all.

When we came back down, we visited a quaint pottery. The owners were super nice and they showed us the process of creating the various Earth creations. I know how it sounds, but it was actually dope, especially with our fancy driver who knew the winding roads like the back of his hand.

One of the most enjoyable moments was meeting Katina Theodorou, the grandmother of a local bakery. Theodorou Confectionary (also called Theodorou's Sweet Shop). Walking into the bakery, we were met by Ms. Theodorou and her son. The light blue cabinets lined the walls gave the impression they were as edible as the delights for sale. The Theodorou family has run this shop since 1933 and it is one of the most popular spots for its amygdalota (ground almond sweets), ypovrichio (sugar paste perfumed with rosewater), pastelli— honey and more like traditional sesame bars. All of these delicacies are cooked fresh in the back of the shop.

I had to get a picture with this kind, woman that didn't speak any English. As cliche as it is, no words were needed.

Eventually, we made our way to the beach for lighthearted fun and a dip in the waters. The bar even changed the music for us in an effort to make us more comfortable. It worked. Later that night, we took in some of the night life, which I can only call adult-ish. It was like I was living out what I used to pretend as younger man. And, in an odd, random twist, I saw an acquaintance from Brooklyn which was an unexpected shocker.

Here are some of the visuals from Sifnos.

Great people, great times.

Sitting on the dock of the...sea.

Brooklyn is always in the house.

Wearing the right footwear in essential, by the way. You need something that can handle the terrain. My running shoes were perfect.

Katina Theodorou, the grandmother of Theodorou Confectionary in Sifnos.

I used to do radio in Delaware at WVUD 91.3 and now they serve up music - and some Hip-Hop - at Sifnos Radioactive 91.3.

The pottery was dope, true masters of their craft.

Had to throw it up by the Chrisopigi Monastery.

The Chrisopigi Monastery.

These are the views, Nipsey Hussle rapped about.

Unforgettable people.

A toast to Sifnos...

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Needless to say, I am going to plan a trip to Greece now!