The Hip-Hop Guide To Greece, The Wonderland Of Europe (Part 1)


In case you didn't know:Travel is the new club. Check out "A Hip-Hop Guide To Greece."

(AllHipHop Features) Greece. Greece is not the first country mentioned as it relates to the indomitable culture of Hip-Hop, generally speaking. Truthfully, it likely took an unlikely artist to cause many from the global culture to take a gander at the country in the southeastern part of Europe. Rick Ross crafted the crass, but compelling “Santorini, Greece” as the second track of of his incredible album Rather You Than Me. Off top, the song has no true relationship to the country until the mellow track takes hold of you while you are in Santorini, Greece. That is what happened to me.

I never imagined a country that could rival the beauty of Africa, as I had visited the motherland nearly 10 years prior. But that is exactly what I pondered as I laid in the splendor that was Santorini, Greece. Santorini was my favorite of all of the islands that I visited in Greece, for its penchant for peaceful vibes. Upon landing on the island, I and a small cadre of journalists, photographers and our immeasurably cool guide Greta came to Andronis Concept Wellness Resort, one of the highest rated hotels in Santorini. We were able to see the sweet sunsets, white buildings, mountaintops, and sprawling roads that would light up any Instagram. But it was not about social media this time.

We were waited on, provided honorable quarters that had private pools, a view overlooking the rest of the city and killer views of both sunrise and sunset. Massages were available, the gym was pristine and the facility was both modern and traditional at the same time. I had a difficult time sleeping, I was so excited. Santorini was the perfect place to begin an excursion that would change all of our lives for the better. However, there was one thing that was wrong with Rick Ross’ adoration of this land. He did not put this place on the map as he asserted in “Santorini, Greece.” It’s been here for centuries.

Santorini is the largest of several islands - Thíra, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea and Nea Kaméni and the result of massive volcanic activity. That explosion resulted in grandeur. Santorini is such a wondrous place, incoming tourists (a whooping 2 million per year) far exceed the number of residents (25,000 people). I won't lie. My time on the island was chock-full of the finest eating compliments of places like Rocabella, a swim in the neighboring Aegean sea and fun times in the nightlife. Folks like Rozay are adding to a blossoming, but the municipality has been forced to limit tourism. The addictive serenity and amazing views, has caused the government to limit tourism. There is much more to this place.

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