The Hoodies & Sweaters You Need Right Now

Last week we hit you with a jacket

guide. This week we're making sure you're not still rocking that ripped

fleece from back in the day. Here are some of the best in hoodies and sweaters,

including selections from LRG, AKOO, and Nike Sportswear.

As the fall weather turns from pleasant to frigid,

you'll want some layering pieces to keep you comfortable and mobile. LRG stocks

classic logo-based pullover heat, while Nike Sportswear and AKOO venture out

with more colorful, patchwork-laden selections. You're pretty much guaranteed to

look good in all of them. Check out all the offerings available now on

Blac Label Carpe Diem Hoodie

LRG 47th League Pullover

Nike Sw Fleece Hoody

Parish H Striped Popover Hoodie