The Justice League’s New Star - Ray “Cyborg” Fisher Shines

Lets get Cyborg an early release! Ray Fisher talks about his incredible, ground breaking role in The Justice League!

(AllHipHop Features) Before seeing Justice League Ray “Cyborg” Fisher is clearly the sleeper hero of the crew, but after watching it, he is clearly the star (along with The Flash “Ezra Miller”). Some have surmised that Fisher came out of nowhere, and they couldn’t be more wrong. The 30-year old’s journey is well over a decade of honing his acting skills as a thespian (even playing Muhammad Ali in a play) to exploding in one of the biggest movies of the year as a Black man turned into half machine.

The tale of Cyborg is a complex one and within the confines of The Justice League, only a fraction of the story is told. One thing is for sure, Cyborg is one of the most powerful, complicated and smart characters in the entire DC Comics universe. Ray is well aware of his position and takes it seriously, as he too is now a commanding role on the big screen. As a kid I didn't know you know even you're not aware what representation is. You know you just watch what you watch,” he says. “You can't comprehend how it affects you until you start to get a little bit older and you start putting those dots together. But its a privilege and hopefully I do the character justice.

Check out this conversation with Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, where Ray talks studying Cyborg, who would win against Luke Cage, how crazy fans get and if Vic Stone and T’Challa be friends in a shared university. Lastly…Ray discusses the possibility of getting Cyborg’s standalone movie bumped up to 2018.

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