The Knux: Remind Me In 3 Days (Album Review)

Most Fortune 500 company executives would agree on the age old adage of keeping family and business separate. Hell, even The Notorious B.I.G. said money and blood don’t mix. Well The Knux feel that they can make it work for themselves.

Comprised of brothers Krispy Kreme and Al Millio, the New Orleans duo has made a nice buzz for their eclectic approach to rocking the microphone. Their self produced debut Remind Me In 3 Days (Interscope) goes from Rap to Rock and everywhere in between.

Their diverse sound is made apparent from the very start. “The List” finds the two rocking of over an up-tempo ditty driven by slick bass hits; think The Strokes meet N.E.R.D. Things are slowed down a tad with the airy “Fire (Put In The Air)”. Far from a weed smoker’s anthem, the siblings lightheartedly name check the places, people and fresh that make up their being to much success.

At their apex The Knux have their first single “Cappucino”. Catchy but not contrived the chorus is in the same tone of Tribe’s “I Left My Wallet In El Segundo”. The usage of coffee as an analogy for females is backed by electric guitar licks. Another stand out is the Outkast leaning “Life In A Cage (Electric)”.

Sonically the album is all over the place which kills any real momentum here. “Roxanne” is a straight up rock tune that will fall on def ears due to a dull chorus and accompanying vocals. Same goes for the cocaine cautioned “The Train” and the lackluster “Shine On”. By the time you reach the album’s midpoint, some of the songs start to sound a like.

While The Knux do show signs of being able to create something fresh, new and more importantly enjoyable, Remind Me In 3 Days isn’t a total cohesive journey. Krispy and Al should continue to these musical risks; but just make them a little more calculated on the next go around.

The Knux


The Knux

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