The Last Word: Amy Winehouse's New Addiction, Whitney Plays Bobby, and In the Midst of Drama, Alicia Keys Finds Sexuality

What’s up, music community? Five days of going through the motions as we make it to the weekend. So what have we to show for it? Well, Pope Benedict XVI decided to come to America for the first time on a six-day tour, speculation renewed as to when Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines will officially merge and the nation reminisced over the massacre at Virginia Tech during the tragedy’s one-year anniversary. Thoughts and prayers go out to actress Cameron Diaz, whose father died this week. Shout out to Leona Lewis, who made history by being the first British female singer to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 with her album Spirit and the sounding boards for feedback unlimited. So let’s do this...the Last Word for the week ending April 18, 2008.1. Angie Stone Becomes the F.A.C.E. of Diabetes The life of an entertainer may be filled with temptation and unhealthy living, but Angie Stone is taking her life as a diabetic seriously enough to inspire others who live with the condition to take better care of themselves. The singer has aligned with Eli Lilly and Company to launch the national Fearless African-Americans Connected and Empowered (F.A.C.E.) Diabetes campaign, an effort designed to help promote behavioral and attitudinal changes in areas critical to success in managing diabetes such as nutrition/cooking, physical activity, health and overall well-being. The national campaign, which will utilize a string of practical and sustainable programs in local communities, will launch in Atlanta in May and make stops in various cities around the country throughout the year such as Washington, D.C. and Indianapolis. Stone, who was first diagnosed with diabetes eight years ago, admits that she managed to get her diabetes under control after being "in total denial about my disease and its impact on my life." Not following her doctor’s treatment program and stepping up to make changes to keep her weight and diet in check, according to the songstress, were some of the things she didn’t fully understand. Fortunately, Angie managed to get herself back on track and continue to make music. Check out for more details on the F.A.C.E. Diabetes campaign. 2. Amy Winehouse Explores New Addiction As if the drugs and her undying love for her husband weren’t enough of a high, Amy Winehouse has discovered another way to take her to a different place. Amy’s new fix? Ironing."Not just her clothes but also towels, sheets, scarves," a friend of the singer’s told UK tabloid The Sun. "Anything really. She’s a very obsessive person and has always been addicted to something." Is it me or is Amy addicted to everything but music? I could be wrong. After all, they say that she’s in the lab right now composing new tracks with producer Mark Ronson for her next album.Still, with her label threatening to put her on the unemployment line if she doesn’t stay clean, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a new Winehouse album anytime soon. They say 2009 could be the year, but still. Note to Universal: Don’t abandon your cash cow in her moment of need. Pain makes for classic material. 3. Alicia Keys Finds Her Sexy While everyone has been airing Alicia Keys out for saying that gangster rap was a government "ploy to convince Black people to kill each other" and the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. were set up by the government and media to stifle the creation of a new Black leader, the 28-year-old Grammy winner found another side of herself that the fellas can appreciate. "I'm discovering my sexual side," Keys told Blender magazine as she revealed that she has recorded her "most sexual song yet... I recorded this song – it's super simple: just piano, Rhodes keyboard and a kick drum. It's so sensual. It moves you."Thank you Alicia for finally discovering what we already knew. No word on when people will hear this tune, but I’m real curious. We already got more than enough songs to make people practice their baby making skills. Everything from the Isleys to vintage R.Kelly. I don’t doubt that Alicia can bring it on that level. Anyone who wears a gold AK-47 pendant around her neck is sure to provide a touch of “gangsta” for people to looking for a song to get that episode started with their significant other.4. Mariah Carey Sees the Empire State Building Through Multi-Colored GlassesFans of Mariah will get a special treat next week when the singer takes over the Empire State Building. The invasion, which is set to take place April 25, will be in honor of Carey’s new album E=MC2.The album, which features the songstress’ 18th number one hit “Touch My Body,” is predicted to debut at number one on next week’s Billboard 200 in light of overwhelming first day sales.To coincide with the release, the Empire State Building will be lit in the album’s colors - purple, pink, and white – through April 27. in addition, you can catch Mariah when she appears live at Times Square for Good Morning America on April 25. That same day, she will continue making her rounds as she visits morning talk show hosts Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa on their show.5. Whitney Houston Knocks Bobby Brown’s HustleJust when things were moving up for Bobby Brown with his upcoming tell-all book, the singer gets knocked down.Apparently, Bobby’s ex-wife Whitney Houston has put a stop to Mr. Brown collecting dough over the DVD release of the couple’s weirdly addictive realty TV show Being Bobby Brown.With an imminent comeback in sight, the former Mrs. Hell to the No is not letting anything or anyone derail her return to the diva throne. According to Bobby, Whitney won’t sign the contract to release Being Bobby Brown on DVD because she “blames the show for ruining her career.”As a result, Bob feels the move will affect his money since he believes that the former couple won’t see a dime from Whitney’s power trip. I can understand Whitney trying to regain that good girl image, but let’s face it. When you’ve had the TV watching public witness you in all your ghetto fabulousness as well as your husband expressing his love for you by there’s pretty much nothing more to protect.I would hate to see Bobby end up like that guy in Jason's Lyric who ended up dancing on the street corner to earn a buck. Imagine Bobby coming up to you on the street offering to sing his greatest hits for $5. $2 extra if you want him to show out and dance. Just a thought.In Other Words... Beyonce and Jay-Z’s alleged wedding may have been the talk among music heads, but Rihanna claims she didn’t know anything about the nuptials. Oook, you didn’t know. Just like you don’t know about that “relationship” you’ve been having with Chris Brown. Somebody stop the music and get RiRi some air. Lying is not a good look.Jordin Sparks is making moves outside the American Idol image as the first-ever spokesperson for Avon’s new Mark brand for teens. The new gig marks a reunion of sorts for the singer, who was a Mark sales rep when the brand launched in 2003. Add that to the fact that Jordin’s mom and grandma were Avon reps and it's a perfect match. Somebody must’ve heard me last week because Brandy has left Atlantic Records after signing a deal with Epic Records. The singer, whose last Atlantic album was 2004's Afrodisiac, plans on releasing her Epic debut later this year. Robin Thicke is coming back on the scene with his third solo release Something Else. Unlike his previous album, The Evolution of Robin Thicke, the crooner will be going it alone without any guests. Look for Something Else to hit stores on July 1. The first single from the Star Trak/Interscope project is called "Magic."Fans of Jennifer Hudson stand up. It looks like the singer/actress’ debut album from J. Records will come to a record store near you on Sept. 30.