The Last Word: B-List For Babyface, D'Angelo Back In Court, and Ving Rhames Knows Where His Dogs At

What’s the deal people? The week has been crazy, to say the least. And

slow. But I guess that’s because I’ve got vacation on the brain, since

I’m taking a breather next week. Is it me or do you work your hardest

before you take your break, and when you come back from your break? I

don't know.

But anyway, congratulations to Tamia and Grant Hill, who are

celebrating the birth of their new baby, according to People magazine.

And farewell to Karl Rove, who left his post as Bush’s Deputy Chief of

staff. So who’s going to do all of Dubya's thinking now? I was so looking

forward to that highly anticipated MC Rove album.

Last but not least, shout out to the sounding boards, who never fail to provide a little help when I need it most.

And now for the business at hand…The Last Word for the week ending Aug. 17, 2007.1. Babyface Enjoys B-List Celebrity StatusBeing one of the most established producers in music can afford you

a lot of opportunities. You get to work with a who’s who of artists, as

well as collect awards and perks for all your hard work. But apparently, it’s not all that, if you ask Kenneth "Babyface"

Edmonds. In fact, the singer/producer is content with just being under

the celebrity radar as his heart goes out to his ex-wife Tracey, who

recently graduated to A-list status with her pending marriage to Eddie

Murphy."It's not like I feel like a star or have ever

really felt like that. A celebrity? Yeah, it gets me in restaurants and

I can [go to the head of the line] at Disneyland. I like that part," Babyface confessed to "But for me, I feel for Tracey and

Eddie because of what they gotta go through. Everybody's on them and

now [that they're engaged], they're going to be on them even more. And I

wouldn't want that. That's like a little too much for me with people

all in your business with their opinions of you and what your life

choices are."So with all that fame and money, you would think Babyface would be a

little bit conceited. Come on. You gotta live a little, right?"I am kinda happy being a B-list star. That's OK to me. I like

being a musician and a writer. I'm OK with that," the

hitmaker revealed. " I don't need to be the hottest guy, or being looked

at as anything other than with respect. I feel blessed to be in the

space that I'm in."I guess you can’t be too mad at Babyface. With a catalog of classic

songs and collabos under his belt, he still carries the torch for

quality music. But still, a little cockiness wouldn’t hurt too much. I

know I could use a little of that clout. For us average Joes, a chance

to get to the head of the line at the club, or even a free meal or two

or some clothes would be enough.

I’m just saying. If you don’t want it, I’ll be more than happy to take it off your hands.

2. D’Angelo Returns for Courtroom EncoreIf D’Angelo made as many appearances in the studio as he did in a

court of law, it would be a good thing for us music fans. But I guess a

jury of your peers is a far more captive audience than a room full of

fans who are feenin' for that follow up to Voodoo. Go figure. Anyway, the Associated Press reports that the Grammy-winning singer (born Michael E. Archer)pleaded

guilty last week to driving with a suspended license and driving under

the influence when he appeared in Powhatan General District Court.Judge Paul Cella fined D’Angelo $1,000, with $500 suspended, and

sentenced the crooner to nine days in jail -all suspended- and revoked

his license for 90 days on the suspended license charge.In addition, Cella fined D’Angelo $1,500, with $750 suspended,

sentenced him to six months in jail -also suspended- and suspended his

license for 12 months on the DUI charge. Also dropped was a reckless

driving charge. The legal moves stem from a single vehicle accident D’Angelo got into in 2005. According to reports, the singer suffered bruised ribs and

contusions after he was thrown from his Hummer.While it’s good that D’Angelo is alive and well, the legal troubles

are not getting us any closer to hearing some new tunes from the

singer. Maybe we can look at this as him mining for new material for

the album. After all, suffering does make for classic material. Just

ask Mary J. Blige or even Lauryn Hill.

3. Ving Rhames: My Dog’s Did Not Hurt AnyoneLess than a week after two of his three bull mastifs allegedly

killed a man on his property, actor Ving Rhames is lending his support

for the dogs as he weighs in on the tragic incident.

"I was out of the country when this shocking and terrible

tragedy occurred on my property," the actor said in a statement

released Tuesday (Aug. 14). "Jacob Adams was not just a devoted

employee, he was also a dear friend. I want to offer my heartfelt

condolences to his family." "I am relieved to know that

the coroner's report confirmed that my dogs were not the cause of his

death, and that any wounds found on his body were superficial,"

Rhames continued. "I would appreciate the media's privacy for me and my

family during this difficult time." Adams worked for Rhames as a caretaker while taking care of the

actor’s dogs when authorities discovered his body on Aug. 3. The

40-year-old actor/screenwriter was found on Rhames’ front lawn with dog

bites all over his body. As a result, police believe the mastifs played

a role in the attack, but are unsure as to whether Adams died from

multiple flesh wounds or a heart attack he suffered during the attack. Although Rhames is certain his dogs had nothing to do with Adams’

death, it will be weeks before an official coroner’s report is

completed and released. 4. Jamie Foxx Catches a Wave To the Perfect Body. If you’ve ever wondered how Jamie Foxx keeps up his physical self,

look no further than the September issue of Men’s Health magazine. The Oscar winner revealed that he patterns his workout routine after those who frequently catch waves and soak up the sun."I'm 39 now, and my shoulders started hurting from benching really

heavy weights," said Foxx, who graces the magazine’s cover for the

September issue. "So I look at the surfers. They have serious cores.

How can I slim down and lean out?"I guess one way to do that is to work yourself out to the max, but

I guess the benefits outweigh the pain for Foxx, who strives to keep

his physique up to impress his female fans. "I just want to get my tight on," he said. "If someone grabs your arm in a club, you want to let them know you're sturdy."Just what I need. More reason to feeling guilty as I strive to keep my 2¾ pack alive and well.

5. No Fush For Nick Cannon To Get MarriedLet’s face it. It’s no secret that some guys will do everything they

can to keep from jumping the broom. After all, who wants to miss the

freak train? But when that special person comes along, it makes sense

to slow it down and get to settling into the new role of hubby.

That brings us to Nick Cannon. According to People magazine, the Wild'n Out host is taking a nice loooooong trip to the altar.

"We haven't really talked about a lot of that stuff. You've got to take

it slow," Cannon told People Tuesday night (Aug.14). "It's that

preparation time to see if this is what you really want."

Maybe the time is deserved. After all, Cannon went to elaborate means

to ask his then-girlfriend Selita Ebanks to marry him by using a

jumbo-tron in Times Square, and a horse-drawn carriage to pop the

question to the Victoria Secret model in May.

Still, it’s August. You would think that somebody would have at least

thought about a date. But, that’s cool. I understand things happen when

they’re supposed to happen, right Nick?

"I did my part!" he said. "You did what you had to made the

commitment. Now it's like, let's just enjoy this for right now."

I don’t know about you, but it sounds like he’s trying to get his money’s worth out of that train ticket before the final stop.

What do you think?