The Last Word: Bobby Brown's Son "Un"Sexed Lindsay Lohan, Alicia Keys Considers Adoption, and J-Lo and Mary J Are Good Samaritans!

What’s the fuss, ladies and gents? We’ve made it through another five days, and the weekend is calling. This week proved to be filled with a mix of stuff like same sex- couples getting married in California after the state legalized same-sex marriages and Tiger Woods taking the rest of the year off winning the U.S. Open to have knee surgery. R.I.P. to Tim Russert, a true journalist who made the news worth watching. Shout out to the Boston Celtics, who beat the L.A. Lakers for the NBA Championship and the sounding boards for always being the ones to bounce back after a hard day’s night. So check it out for yourself...the Last Word for the week ending 6/20/08: 1. Akon Gets On the Change Express Looks like Akon is joining Barack Obama in being an agent for change. The singer is teaming up with philanthropist and composer Peter Buffett to launch, a new site that offers practical ways for people to get involved in affecting positive change, while serving as a forum to learn and share information about their experiences with giving back. In addition to the site, Akon is putting vocals down for a remix of Buffet’s song "Anything." The track, which Buffet wrote after trips to post-war Liberia and Sierra Leone, is from his 2007 album Staring At The Sun. Akon is also working on a song called "Can We Love" which will be included on Buffett's forthcoming album Imaginary Kingdom. Although he had no idea who Buffet was when they met, Akon decided to work with the philanthropist after seeing a video Buffett created after his trip. "That's the thing that makes our work together genuine: It's based simply on our desire to encourage people to do something," the singer said. For more details on the effort, visit 2. Mariah Gives Off New Scent of Success and Marriage If you’ve ever wondered what true love smells like, don’t worry. Mariah Carey is using her whirlwind romance with husband Nick Cannon as the inspiration behind her new scent Luscious Pink. The fragrance, which was also inspired by Carey’s recent success on the music charts, is described as a "floral melody that is as enveloping as Mariah's voice." “This scent is feminine, flirtatious and fun, and truly reflects where I am in my life now after an incredible year,” the songstress told Women’s Wear Daily.Luscious Pink is the second scent to emerge from Carey’s Elizabeth Arden fragrance line. The first fragrance, M, is one of Elizabeth Arden’s most successful products.Look for Luscious Pink to hit department stores around the country in August. In the meantime, you can get Nick Cannon’s new cologne, “Lucky,” at a local bargain store near you. 3. Bobby Brown’s Son Reneges on Lindsay Lohan Episode As if the capers of Bobby Brown weren’t enough to keep you wondering. Now the singer’s son Landon is generating his own talk as he comes clean about rumors surrounding him sleeping with actress Lindsay Lohan. According to media sources, Landon boasted that he had sex with Lohan in a club toilet during a private party in West Hollywood when he was 21 and she was 20. Funny how things end up, because Landon is now taking back his claims."I wasn't dating Lindsay Lohan on the low," the reality show star told the National Enquirer. "Nah man, I ain't had sex with Lindsay Lohan...Word is bond, if I slept with Lindsay Lohan, I would still be sleeping with Lindsay Lohan right now." I guess it turned out to be no “humpin” around after all. So if that’s the case, then why did he make up the lie in the first place? This is what happens when fantasy and truth blur. Note to Landon: Slow down and find a “roni” to chill with. 4. Alicia Keys Considers Taking the Angelina Jolie Road to Motherhood Singer. Actress. Mommy? It may not be too far off the mark in light of Alicia Keys’ new outlook on motherhood. She says she’s "not ready to be a mom" at this time, but the singer did tell People that adoption could be a possibility down the road when she enters what she called the "mother stage" of her life."I think that [adoption] is truly important to consider," said Keys, who has been inspired by Angelina Jolie and her growing family. "It's beautiful the way that she embraces children of the world, and that's the thing. We all are one. We're not as separate as we often think." Good for you, Miss Keys. I’m a bit older than most of the kids who are up for adoption, but I can use as much encouragement and support as you can give me. I’m a big kid and you know what they say. "Teach them well and let them lead the way." 5. Ne-Yo Gets Musical Inspiration from Sean Connery In the world of acting, Sean Connery has influenced many an entertainer. But one person the actor may not have counted on influencing would be Ne-Yo. Apparently, the singer used Connery’s portrayal of James Bond as the inspiration behind his 2007 album Because of You. According to WENN, Ne-Yo is a big Bond fan and Connery’s stint as the superspy. So much so that he made a real effort to incorporate the character into his album. "Sean Connery is an absolute gentleman. His portrayal of James Bond was a lot of the inspiration for the album. I love his look, his swagger. The ladies loved him and all the guys wanted to be him," Ne-Yo said. "He never let people see him sweat and he had an answer for any situation. In essence, as Bond he was strong - regal but not bossy and confident but not conceited." Although I didn’t hear or detect any mention of Bond on Because of You, I did hear shades of Michael Jackson and Prince all over the place. I guess your influences have to come out in some way. 6. Mary J. Blige Blesses Fan at Clothing Store As the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige can have her choice of collaborators to work with. Whether it’s a fellow singer or the hottest MCs, the sky is the limit. But Blige decided to use her royal status in a different way and give a fan something to remember. According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Blige paid the remainder of a bill for a woman who was buying a dress at the Diane von Furstenberg store. The woman thought the dress was only $500, but the bill actually totaled $900. Upon seeing that the woman couldn’t afford the dress, Mary J. came to the rescue and offered to pay the remaining. The lady refused to accept the gesture at first, but later consented after the singer said, "I know what it's like to want something and not be able to have it. I insist." Although the woman offered to send Mary J. a check for the balance, the vocalist countered as she told her, to “Just enjoy it. I'm blessed, so let me do this.'" What more is there to say? 7. Jennifer Hudson Appreciates What God Gave Her In Hollywood’s world of nip/tuck Jennifer Hudson is a rarity as she makes no bones about how proud she is of her body. Particularly some part(s). "Hey, mine are real," Hudson told E!’s Mark Malkin about her well-endowed front after shooting the video for "Spotlight" the first single off her forthcoming debut album. "People pay to get them like this and then let them hang out. They pay for what I got naturally. Why can't I flaunt the real ones? They're the real deal." You gotta love a woman who loves what nature has given her. In the infamous words of Betty Words, that’s "good love." Indeed, it is.In Other Words... * New Edition fans have a reason to visit the record store as lead singer Ralph Tresvant gears up to release a new solo album. Look for the as-yet-untitled album to come out later this year. The first single, "It Must Be You," will be released July 1 on iTunes. * Leona Lewis’ star continues to shine bright as the vocalist was voted one of the World’s Sexiest Vegetarians in a poll conducted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). * For the old heads, it’s official. The Commodores are getting back together, according to the group’s former lead singer, Lionel Richie, who said the reunion could happen in the next two years. * Say what you may about Jennifer Lopez’ musical skills, but she stepped up in a big way this week when she showed up to a graduation ceremony for students at a Staten Island, New York, elementary school for autistic children. According to reports, the appearance came as a result of the students love for the video to J-Lo’s single, "Let’s Get Loud," which they watch everyday. As a result, teachers encouraged students to write letters to Lopez in hopes of getting a picture or autograph. The singer/actress exceeded all expectations when she asked to come to the graduation, which was held on Tuesday (June 17), and performed "Let’s Get Loud" for the group of eight 10 and 11-year-olds.