The Last Word: Christina Milian Talks Stripping, Ginuwine Talks His Past Battle With Drugs and Suicidal Thoughts, and R. Kelly Talks Amy Winehouse Collaboration

AllHipHop Staff

What’s shakin’ world changers? After long week, we come to

another weekend. People are still reeling from the death of Michael Jackson as

well as the whole drama surrounding the custody of his kids and revelations

surrounding what would’ve been his final concert tour. Off the wall domination.

With MJ passing away, I didn’t get a chance to acknowledge

former Tonight Show sidekick/Star

Search host Ed McMahon and Charlie’s

Angels veteran actress Farrah Fawcett, who

both died last week as well as actor/American Express pitchman Carl Malden, who

died this week. Thoughts and prayers go out to family, friends and fans of

these entertainers as well as Neda, the Iranian girl who was killed in the

midst of all the drama in the aftermath of the country’s recent election. And in

the world of media, VIBE

magazine, you will be missed.

Congratulations to Scrubs cast member Judy Reyes, who is pregnant with her first child, along

with former Girlfriends star

Golden Brooks and actor D.B.Woodside, who are also expecting a child together.

Shout out to Chaka Khan, who will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

next year and the sounding boards, for always having a Plan B.

So much for the small talk. Let’s get into…the Last Word for

the week ending July 3, 2009.

1. R.Kelly Desires Amy Winehouse Duet; Soul/Pop Diva Gift

Wraps Song Lyrics

With all the ups and mostly downs happening with her lately,

it’s easy to forget that Amy Winehouse is a talented singer with a few Grammys

to her credit and fans that are still hoping for a follow-up to her

breakthrough album, Back to Black.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Winehouse has found

a fan in R&B’s pied piper R. Kelly. In fact, Kells is hopeful that he will

snag the troubled diva for a duet. Although Winehouse’s ongoing struggle with

drugs and alcohol has thrown a serious cloud over her professional life, Kelly

believes the songstress’ issues have made her a stronger person. He even

applauded Winehouse for turning her negative into a positive by writing about

her issues in the hit song “Rehab.”

“Amy Winehouse. Rehab. I love that song. I'd definitely love

to work with Amy Winehouse,” Kells shared with WENN. “I love the Rehab song.

She has balls to do that. I love that she kept it real and I would love to do a

song with her.”

The thought of Kells and Amy doing a song is scary, but with

all the pain and drama between the two of them the track could become a

timeless classic that anybody can relate to, no matter you’re addition.

And while we wait on that, you’ll be happy to know that Amy

is making good use of lyrics from Back to Black with a new range of wrapping paper and gift cards. The collection,

which is part of a joint venture with publishing giant EMI, will feature cards

and gift-wrap printed with song words from “Rehab,” “Back to Black” and “You

Know I'm No Good.” The products with song lyrics seem like a great idea,

because clearly Winehouse has forgotten the lyrics to her songs by now.

2. Martin Lawrence Reminisces Over Animated Childhood

While Developing TV Projects

If Chris Rock can bring his childhood to the small screen,

so can Martin Lawrence – only with a twist.

Media sources report that the actor/comedian is bringing his

childhood experiences to viewers via a new animated TV comedy. Lawrence is

working with screenwriter Rodney Barnes, who will serve as the writer for the

show. The half-hour series will be based on the entertainer’s experiences

growing up in the Washington, D.C.-Maryland area as it focuses on the

misadventures of 13-year-old Martin as he comes of age.

The animated show is one of three television projects

Lawrence is developing with his production company Runteldat. The second

project will be an interracial family show for Starz that will be based on the

comedy of Gary Owen, the only white man to host BET’s Comic View. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show is inspired by Owen’s real-life experience

as it revolves around a white guy from a trailer park who marries a well-to-do

black woman. The project is part of a Martin’s efforts to give up-and-coming

stand-ups an opportunity to take the same journey he took – from stand-up

to TV comedy series to movies, said Runteldat director of development Darice

Rollins, who added that Owen may star in the show.

As for the third project, that will be a family comedy set

at a funeral home. Nothing more to report on that.

3. Ginuwine Confesses Suicidal Thoughts and Positive Turn

Towards SPRUCE Program

You’ve got fame, hit songs and fans that stand by you. With

all of that, what could possibly make life not worth living? Ask Ginuwine and

the answer is found in the death of his parents in 1999 and 2000.

The reality of the situation hit hard as Ginuwine admitted

that he “really didn't want to be here anymore” after his father shot himself

to death and his mother lost her battle with cancer. As a result, the crooner

had no desire to live as he revealed that he tried to commit suicide on more

than one occasion.

“There was no one around that I really loved at the time, so

I turned to the drinking and drugs like weed and ecstasy,” Ginuwine confessed

to “I was done mentally and emotionally to the point that I had to

go see a psychiatrist, but that didn't do any good because I wasn't interested.

In fact, the two times I visited him I was high. I was depressed and felt like

I had nobody to talk to that could relate to me.”

Fortunately, Ginuwine got through the rough period after

receiving counseling from his pastor at church. As a result, the singer said he

was able to “turn away from all those things that were destroying me and

finally think clearly” as he can attest to being clean “for about seven years.”

Nowadays, you can find Ginuwine working his wife Solé to

help the mentally disabled.

“My wife and I own mentally disabled homes in Kansas City

where the mentally disabled board through a program called SPRUCE (Special

People Requiring Unique Care Equally),” he said. “Many people don't realize

that once they turn 18 they are often thrown out the house and are homeless. At

the home, they are able to learn the fundamentals of life, like finding a job,

how to take care of themselves, clean their rooms, and other things. My heart

always likes to give, and if I'm going to help somebody it might as well be

someone who can't help themselves.”

4. Christina Milian Talks Lap Dances and Relationship


With a new album on the way (Elope) and a starring role in the new Bring It

On movie, Christina Milian continues to

make moves. So how does a girl unwind after working so hard? A visit the strip

club may help as the actress/singer admitted to taking in the scenery “every

now and then.”

“I’m for it. Vegas has good ones. I like the Crazy Horse

Too. That one’s literally crazy,” Milian told Maxim as she revealed her one pet peeve about going to see

some interpretive dancing. “Only thing I don’t like about strip clubs is the

guys will pay the women to give me lap dances because they want to see them

dance for me. The strippers will come over and say, “That guy said he’ll give

me $100 if I give you a lap dance.” I’m like, “Hey, can we at least split the


Nothing like bringing a business mind to the strip club.

Split the money, make the guys happy. And if that doesn’t grab you then it may

(may not) be good to know that Christina has been known to take her work home

with her to entertain that special somebody. Although she hasn’t brought home

the cheerleading outfit she sports in the Bring It On film, Milian does indulge in other outfits to get it


“I haven’t brought home a cheerleading outfit. Other

outfits, yes, like a maid costume: a cute apron with the mitts and a robe, too.

It was red. It was really cute,” she said. “I try a little bit of everything.

I’m all about keeping the excitement in the relationship. That’s why I sing

songs like “Dip It Low.” When I’m with somebody, I like to keep it exciting.”

That's cool. The-Dream is a lucky guy. I gotta say that I

was her man, I'd be dreaming of what she’d want to do next to bring it on. The

possibilities are infinite.

In Other Words…

* Those wanting to look like Kim Kardashian can now do so.

And support a good cause at the same time. Kardashian is putting select pieces

of new and gently used clothing up on eBay. Proceeds from the sale of the

clothes will go to the Dream Foundation, the first national wish granting

organization for adults suffering from life-limiting illness. The charity is

dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals, and their families,

at the end of their lives by realizing a final wish.

* Never one to just rest, Beyoncé is at it again. This time,

the songstress has partnered with her mother, Tina Knowles, their House of

Dereon design label to launch a junior apparel label called Sasha Fierce for

Dereon. According to WWD, items for the brand will range from sportswear to

* Grammy nominated singer Ledisi is making a point to pull

out the stops for the follow-up to her 2007 breakthrough album Lost &

Found, as she tells USA Today that she’s “just going for it, all the way.”

The new album, titled Turn Me Loose, will feature collaborations with producers and

writers such as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Carvin & Ivan, Chucky Thompson

and Rex Rideout.

“The title is a reflection of me finally being free,” Ledisi

said about her fourth album, which is slated to hit stores on Aug. 18. “I'm

singing my tail off; everything I do live, I do here. Now you get to take that

wild, crazy, fun girl you see on stage home with you.”

* Bob Marley’s son, Rohan, is bringing his family’s vibe to

another area as he launches Marley Coffee, a certified organic coffee brand

cultivated from the Marley family farm in Jamaica. Rohan developed the new

brand with his friend Shane Whittle as a tribute to his legendary father.

Among the blends offered for Marley Coffee are Mystic

Morning Wake Up Coffee Medium Roast, Simmer Down Organic Swiss Water Decaf, One

Love Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Lively Up! Organic 5 Bean Espresso Blend

and Jammin Java Organic Bold Full City Roast. To purchase Marley Coffee, visit

Sounds like an interesting venture, to say the least. But it

makes you think. The new face of coffee, Bob Marley without a SPLIFF but a cup

and a sip, is like Juan Valdez without an Ass!!!

* Anybody with dreams of being successful can get guidance

from Vanessa Williams. The Ugly Betty

star is spearheading a new charitable education campaign called Botox Cosmetic:

Express Success. Money raised from the effort will go to Dress for Success, an

organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged women succeed in the corporate

world by providing professional attire and career support. For more information

on Express Success, visit,

* This shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Fantasia is

planning to release a full gospel album after her third album comes out in


* The life of famed Afrobeat musician and activist Fela

Anikulapo Kuti is coming to Broadway. The Off-Broadway musical Fela! highlights Kuti’s musical career as well as his

personal life and work as an activist opposing the corrupt military government

of post-colonial Nigeria.

Previews for Fela! will

take place Oct. 19, followed by the musical’s official opening on Nov. 23 at

the Eugene O'Neill Theater.