The Last Word: Lenny Kravitz Talks Day Jobs, Rihanna Has Competition, Terrence Howard Tries Music, and India.Arie Returns

What’s up people? Good Friday is here and the week is gone. From David Paterson and his wife admitting their infidelity one day after he was sworn in as New York’s first African-American governor to Heather Mills collecting close to $50 million in her divorce settlement with Paul McCartney to March madness reaching a fever pitch with the start of the NCAA basketball tournament, it was another five days of scandal, infamy and extended breaks and time off from work. Congratulations to Halle Berry, who gave birth to her daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry and Punky Brewster star Soleil Moon Frye, who became a mother for the second time with the birth of her daughter. Shout out to Nora for being kind enough to keep the Word alive while I was out sick and the sounding boards for keeping me awake. And now...the Last Word for the week ending March 21, 20081. Lenny Kravitz Shares Family Lessons Blood is truly thicker than water. Just ask Lenny Kravitz, who credits his grandmother for helping him get paid and fed on his way when choosing the right line of work. "I worked at a fish market in L.A., gutting and frying fish. I stank for about eight months," the rocker told Blender magazine about what he considered to be the worst job he had before being famous. “But I was living out of my car, and my grandmother taught me, Work where you can get some food. That was some old-school black survival advice." Although grandma was on the money with her guidance, it took Kravitz some time before he was able to cherish his father Sy. Until recently, the elder Kravitz stayed on his son’s bad side by cheating on his mother."We never saw eye to eye and I moved out when I was 15. I was a mama's boy, and his infidelities were something I took personally," said Lenny, who addresses the situation on "A Long and Sad Goodbye," a song on his latest album It Is Time for a Love Revolution. Despite his feelings, the singer did squash his beef as he made peace with his dad before he died in 2005. According to the New York Post, the resolution allowed Kravitz to move on, "So in that sense, it's not that sad for me anymore.”Good deal. 2. Justin Timberlake Explores His Problem With Women OK. Maybe Justin Timberlake doesn’t have a problem with women. But the singer is doing his part to help those of us who do by serving as an executive producer for a new NBC pilot titled My Problem with Women. According to reports, the show will center on Jose, a 30-something guy who attempts to understand his romantic failures through therapy sessions. The show, which is based on the Peruvian TV comedy Mi Problema con las Mujeres, will be helmed by Reveille Studios, the production company that developed the BBC series The Office for NBC and the Spanish-language telenova Ugly Betty for ABC. While I’m sure there are some people who can take their love problems to a shrink, I think you can get the same advice for less (i.e. free) from friends and overzealous family members. Besides, what problem does Justin have with women?I guess if you’re torn between which hot actress to paint the town red with or how to make your female fans swoon then I guess you got a lot to deal with. So if you ever want to trade places JT, let me know. I got problems, but I have no problem adding yours to the mix. 3. India.Arie Sets Her Sights on Broadway India.Arie is taking a cue from Fantasia Barrino as she heads for the neon lights of Broadway. The Grammy winner is set to star in the first Broadway revival of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf. The Tony-nominated play, which will be produced by Whoopi Goldberg and DreamTeam Entertainment, showcases the stories of seven women of color from the African diaspora. It ran for nearly two years on Broadway in the ‘70s and resulted in a Tony for Trazana Beverley for best-featured actress in a play. The Broadway role is the latest acting achievement for India.Arie, who was last seen on the small screen playing Nina Simone on NBC’s American Dreams. Look for the singer to begin her theater run this summer as previews for For Colored Girls begin in mid-July. The play is set to open in early August. 4. Rihanna Re-Releases Her Good Girl While Ciara Reups for Third Time Just when you thought the music had stopped coming from Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad album, the song bird decides to release the hit project again. Only this time, she’s added a new song to the collection titled "Take A Bow." The Stargate-produced tune, which was written by Ne-Yo, was leaked to media outlets this week via her record label Def Jam, according to Billboard, which reports that a video for the song will be released in the coming weeks. The new version of Good Girl Gone Bad is slated to hit stores on May 27. And if a new product from one diva isn’t enough, Ciara fans can take note that their favorite singer is hard a work on her as yet untitled third album. Billboard reports the singer has obtained tracks from DanjaHandz, the Clutch, Polow Da Don and T-Pain for the project, which is tentatively slated to come out in either August or early September.Look for Ciara to also display her acting skills on the big screen with Patti LaBelle when the Codeblack Entertainment film adaptation of the stage play, Mama, I Want to Sing comes to theaters later this year.5. Terrence Howard Tests His Musical Skills With a critically acclaimed actor turn as a rapper in Hustle and Flow, Terrence Howard is gearing up to see if lightning can strike in real life. Entertainment Weekly reports that the actor has landed a record deal with Columbia Records to produce an album of tunes. According to a representative from the label, the "full name [of the project] is Terrence Howard Presents Me and the Band of Kings," and is set for release in the Fall. Despite contributing three songs for the Hustle and Flow soundtrack, the new album marks Howard’s official entry into the world of music. If his studio sessions are any indication, then the movie star may have a pleasant surprise waiting for his fans. "I wanted to produce and write. The only thing I didn't do was play all the instruments because I only play guitar, piano and some cello,” he told UGO. “But I brought in the most incredible musicians and left them in the room to do what they do, gave them complete autonomy, and they gave me gold. People always give you their best if you give them the room to give their best."Looks like Terrence is taking his own advice as he takes an honest stab at this music thing. "The purpose of that is to always extend beyond your reach,” the Pride star said. I'm looking for the fall, I'm looking for the flop, the criticism, because I do well with that. My little brother told me when I was scared to go start my music, he said, 'A diamond is just a piece of coal that did well under pressure. Decide which one you're going to be."No word yet on the first single from album (although a special unplugged acoustic version of "Whoop that Trick" would be ideal) or any plans to tour. Still, you gotta respect the guy for wanting to think outside his comfort zone. Do you think Terrence has a chance to be the next music star or should he stick to his day job with the other actors turned vocalists?