The Last Word: Nia Long Gets Naked, Amerie Drops A Mixtape, Cheech & Chong Say 'Smoke Pot!'

AllHipHop Staff

What’s the biz moneymakers? Here we go again with the usual as we place bets on all the ruckus surrounding town hall meeting’s on Obama’s health plan, place bets on which NFL team Michael Vick will eventually end up playing for and prepare to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock this weekend. Thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends of Special Olympics founder Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who died on Tuesday. Congratulations to Jennifer Hudson, who welcomed a her new son into the world on Tuesday. Shout out to all the Medal of Freedom recipients and the sounding boards for just checking in. So let’s take it from the top with…the Last Word for the week ending Aug. 14, 2009. 1. Nia Long Takes It Off for PETA; Lady Gaga Thinks About It If you like Nia Long and want to see more of her, then you should thank People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Media sources report that the actress has joined PETA’s new I’d Rather Be Naked Than Wear Fur campaign by stripping for one of the animal rights organization’s promo ads. In the ad, Long poses au natural on a subway train with only a pole and newspaper covering her private parts. As for why she decided to go without clothes for the campaign, Long summed it up in an interview with PETA by saying: “When I became a mother, I started to really understand the importance of all living creatures in a way that I didn’t ever think about before. “And I’ve realized how important it is that we really take responsibility for … treating animals with love and care just like we would any human being,” the 39 year-old entertainer explained. “There’s no difference, in my opinion, between fur and slavery or the Holocaust. It’s just that we’re not dealing with human beings, we’re dealing with animals, but it’s still a living thing.” And if you want more naked star power from PETA, you may get that wish fulfilled as the organization approached Lady Gaga about participating in their anti-fur campaign. The pop diva captured the attention of PETA chief Dan Mathews after appearing in a Kermit the Frog outfit last month in Germany. When asked why she went with the unique fashion choice, Gaga told Ryan Seacrest “Because I thought it was [a] commentary on not wearing fur. I hate fur, and I don't wear fur." Needless to say Matthews took the bait and made the pitch to Gaga. According to a PETA spokesperson, the organization hopes to photograph the singer covering herself up with just a few playing cards as a nod to her hit song “Poker Face.”At this time, Gaga’s participation is up in the air as MTV News got word from the spokesperson that PETA is still waiting to hear back from the hitmaker to see if she wants to follow Eva Mendes, Pamela Anderson and now Nia’s lead in posing for the campaign. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsfree video player2. Amerie and Sammie Enter the Mixtape Game Rappers may own the realm of mixtapes, but over the last few years, singers have jumped aboard to capitalize on the buzz generated by an offering that’s not so under the radar. With Amerie and Sammie, a mixtape serves as a vehicle to reintroduce themselves to the public as well as build anticipation for official studio project. And while it’s easy for vocalists to hop on the bandwagon, Sammie points out that all singers aren’t built for creating a quality mixtape. "A lot of R&B dudes don’t do it because it takes talent. Not every R&B dude can do it,” Sammie told while tipping his hat to fellow crooner Trey Songz for being one of the few singers to put together a worthwhile mixtapes. Sammie’s recently released mixtape Swag n B Vol. 1, sets up for the release of his new album Coming of Age. In addition to Songz, Swag n B Vol. 1 includes appearances from Cassidy and Yung Joc. The motivation to do the project came after Sammie received “a lot of positive feedback” from a few songs he put up on Twitter. As for Amerie, the songbird is taking a cue from Jay-Z to reintroduce herself with her DJ Ruckus assisted mixtape What Chu Know About Amerie. The 15-track project, which was released last week, features classic hits from the singer ("1 Thing," "Why Don't We Fall In Love," and “Touch" as well as fan favorites ("Can't Let Go," "Need You Tonight" and "All I Need") and her latest single "Why R U." Like Sammie, Amerie's mixtape will precede her forthcoming Def Jam release In Love & War, which is slated to hit stores September 29. 3. Cheech and Chong Pick Their Best Stoner From a Movie; Say Pot is the Cure for the Recession With the economy the way it is, lawmakers are trying to figure out ways to make it easier on folks. And while you gotta applaud their efforts, it may be worthwhile to look in to a different source for lifting the country out its current crisis. Maybe Cheech and Chong? The duo recently echoed the sentiments of many people who feel that marijuana should be legalized as Cheech predicted that the plant would soon find itself legalized. “It's a key towards our economic recovery,” he told Tommy Chong went deeper into the discussion as he broke down the benefits of having legal access to pot. “There are some things, Republicans will always tell you they don't want government involved, well this is a good place where it should not be involved. Because how can you tax something that grows like a weed? It's like taxing dandelions,” the comedian reasoned. “So what happens, pot puts the population into a nice, mellow mood. And no one shops harder than someone on pot. I've bought stuff that I've still never took out of the package. So potheads are not only mellow, they spend money. That's what the economy needs. You don't need bankers hiding money in Switzerland and offshore. You need consumers, and that's what pot does. Pot makes everyone a consumer. The food industry alone owes a lot to pot.” Aside from the political, Cheech and Chong took time out to rate the best movie stoners aside from themselves. While Cheech liked Jeff Bridges as 'The Dude' in The Big Lebowski, Chong voiced his approval for David Chappelle in Half Baked and “definitely” Seth Rogen from Knocked Up' and Pineapple Express. Isn’t it funny or ironic that the answer to all our problems may be up in smoke? So do Cheech and Chong’s top movie stoners hold up or not? What say you? 4. Omarosa Answers the Call from God Omarosa Manigault Stallworth may not occupy too many lists for the most likable person around, but The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice reality show star is out to impress a power higher power than Donald Trump. In an interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine, Stallworth revealed plans for becoming a minister, a move that could leave a few people scratching their head. “I feel like God is calling me. He’s been calling me for two years and I can’t ignore it,” Omarosa told S2S, adding that she looks to start classes at The United Theological Seminary later this year. Still not convinced about Omarosa’s change of heart? Well, maybe her becoming a goodwill ambassador for the Haitian Support Program or her work with Positive Vibrations and the New Image Emergency Homeless Shelter could strike a nerve. Only time will tell if Omarosa has truly turned the other cheek. Maybe God really is trying to tell her something. 5. Taraji P. Henson Offers Tips for Getting on Her Good Side For the guys who are looking to date a celebrity, it may not be as hard as you think. But it’s not a cakewalk either. In the case of Taraji P. Henson, there are a few things she checks for before making you to focus of her spare time. The Oscar nominee pulled no punches as she told Men’s Fitness that potential suitors need to come with a gentleman’s approach (“Take good care of your woman, and the sky's the limit!") as well as no hang ups about dating women with children, motivation to keep in touch, a willingness to open up and share information and grow closer and optimism when it comes to finding a new love after a previous relationship. And even if you meet those qualities, the trick to getting Taraji seems to be not ending up like others she’s dated that she admits are intimidated by her. "Most men are fragile," she says. "I'm a successful woman, in the public eye, and raising a kid by myself. It can leave guys feeling like, 'Damn, how can I have a chance?'" Answer: "Just be a man!" Nuff said. In Other Words… * Legendary Motown artist Smokey Robinson is marking 50 years in the music business with his upcoming solo album, Time Flies When You’re Having Fun. The project, which hits stores Aug. 25, will feature the Miracles frontman’s trademark sound as well as collaborations with the likes of India.Arie and Joss Stone in addition to a cover of Norah Jones’ Grammy-winning hit “Don’t Know Why.” * Soul singer/songwriter Goapele is coming back into the spotlight with her first album in four years, Milk and Honey. The first single from the album is The Bedrock-produced title track, a tune the songstress says is “more suggestive than any other songs I've done." "There have been little sprinkles on my other albums, but I'm feeling a little more bold and less afraid to be sexy," Goapele revealed to Singersroom. * The man formerly known as The Rock has been named as the new national ambassador for the Diabetes Aware campaign. With his new position, Dwayne Johnson is in good company as he joins past ambassadors Halle Berry, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Dustin Hoffman. In a new public service announcement, the 37-year-old entertainer urges families to prevent diabetes “through exercise, eating right and teaching healthy behaviors to our children." "Small steps can go a long way in managing diabetes, its complications, and raising healthy, active children," he said. According to, the Diabetes Aware campaign hopes to reach the 24 million Americans living with diabetes; along with the estimated 6.2 million who are unaware they have the disease. With so many hits and collaborations with a who’s who of music, who is left for Timbaland to work with? How about Taylor Swift? According to reports, the beatmaker would love to get in the studio with the country superstar. But there’s the matter of her slowing down enough to make the session a reality. Although Swift's hectic schedule caused her to turn down Timbaland once, the VA native is not stopping at the first line of defense. "I think the main person I want to get is Taylor Swift. I love her voice,” Timbaland confessed to "Her people said she was busy. She wanted to do it, but you know, there's all these people she's got to go through and her people said she was busy... but I'll make it happen." * LisaRaye is going from the Players Club to the reality TV screen. The actress is getting set to star in an upcoming reality show on TV One. The network announced the show last week at a Television Critics Association meeting in Pasadena Ca. The half-hour series will feature LisaRaye’s focusing on her acting career, helping her 19-year-old daughter Kai transition into adulthood; keeping her incarcerated sister, Da Brat, in line; taking care of her ailing mother, and trying to maintain a love life. The show’s eight episodes will be shot in Los Angeles and the island of Turks and Caicos, where LisaRaye served as the First Lady during her turbulent marriage to former Premier Michael Misick.