The Last Word: Oprah/Quincy Showdown, Britney Backs Down, and Beyonce Falls Down

Happy Friday people! Mr. Chris Richburg is away, so I’ll be filling you in on some of the crazy news that happened this week. Whether it’s Beyonce bustin’ her ass (again) or High School Musical making fools out of rap sales, we’ve had an interesting week in the light. I’d like to thank my only sounding board, Illseed for being brutally honest if something sucks. So special thanks, my dude. With that said, I present to you the Last Word for the week ending 8/22.1. Britney Pulls OutGet your minds out of the gutter. Everybody knows a collab with Justin Timberlake is a damn good investment these days. Ask Formula 50, Talib Kweli, and Timbaland. Somehow Britney Spears didn’t get the memo. The former pop princess has reportedly backed out of her project plans to work with her ex-Timberlake on a track he wrote especially for her with rumored production by Timbaland. Apparently she’d much rather be seen with no underwear in tabloids. That’s fine, since now she has no hit to match it. Way to go.2. O vs. QSo the battle of Hill vs. Obama has been taken one step further. Oprah Winfrey, who has been extremely instrumental in the campaign for Barack Obama, is holding a benefit for the Presidential hopeful. Supposedly, Jamie Foxx is on the guestlist as well as Jayonce (don’t fall walking in, B). That’s not all…industry legend Quincy Jones is doing the same…for Hillary Clinton. I mean the results of this will have a bigger effect on the world than the sales of Kanye vs. Formula 50 – minus the Kenny Chesney. Oprah’s gala will happen on September 8. Mr. Jones should hold his on the same day…talk about a danceoff! I’m with Q though; he still likes Hip-Hop. Challenge!3. They Tried To Make Her Go to Rehab. She Said, “Aiight, bet.”Well it was bound to happen. Everybody liked Amy Winehouse. Then Jay-Z cosigned her. Then everybody loved Amy Winehouse. Now, Amy Winehouse’s mother-in-law fears that the young starlet and her husband are headed for a drug-induced death. Amy checked out of rehab for the second time at the beginning of this week and has since canceled her entire North American tour. What’s next? Well apparently her mom-in-law Georgette Civil assumes six feet if she and Civil’s son, Blake Civil-Fielder, don’t part ways. I’ve got two words for you Amy – Janis Joplin – Google her. 4. Fergie Gets the NodSpeaking of “I Ducked Rehab” success stories…Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie is among the nominees for the MTV VMA’s Female Artist of the Year Award. She shares that honor with Beyonce (don’t fall accepting your award, B), Nelly Furtado, Rihanna, and fellow rehab gangster Amy Winehouse. I guess we’ll all see who wins on September 9th. So get those votes in…I guess. Who do you think will win?5. Don’t Do It, Gary Dourdan!According to, on Wednesday night, CSI stud and Janet Jackson video graduate, Gary Dourdan was spotted in Hollywood leaving a bar a little too happy. That’s fine, except for the fact that he hopped in his car happy and drove home. What’s worse, he was caught on video before leaving in his happy condition, rambling on about not getting married and voting for Obama even if he was white. Um, ok. Gary Dourdan – consider this an intervention. Find yourself a Designated Dave. Hell, I’ll drive you home. Tee hee.And there it is, folks – get that collab with Timberlake, vote for SOMEBODY, and if you’re gonna tap the bottle, make sure you walk it out.