The Last Word: Ray J Gets Caught With PCP, Usher Has a Fit, Kelly Rowland Gets Clocked On Gay Day!

The views expressed in the Last Word are not the views expressed by This is purely for entertainment value.So they got me on The Last Word this week while Chris Richburg is chillin’ on the West Coast. Isn’t that the best news since Flavor Flav promised there wouldn’t be another season of Flavor of Love? Anyways, get ready for the Last Word…Kiko Michaels style…Ray J Just Says Yes To DrugsApparently this past week, Mr. Ray J “I need put out a sex tape on purpose so people would pay attention to me because my sister isn't famous anymore” Norwood was kicked out of a DC hotel because he was stashing drugs – one of which was PCP! Don’t know much about this drug…(I keep my usage in the crack and pill variety. PCP is wack!) Apparently PCP can induce a psychotic state that resembles schizophrenic episodes. Ohhhhh I get it! This was the drug that convinced Ray J we were even remotely interested in his solo music career! And damnit! Isn’t he dating Whitney Houston? Just when Whitney was trying to get her life together, this a**hole wants to get her hooked on something new. Damn crabs in a barrel…Check out this video of Ray J and Snoop getting high. Hmmmmm.Ne-Yo Pens For the Soon-to-Be Mrs. Samantha RonsonAlso speaking of drug addicts and people without talent...Guess who has a hot new song that Ne-Yo wrote for her? It’s Lindsay Lohan! Yay! This week, Ne-Yo gushed about working with the young cracklet. He said, “I had to call her and apologize for what I was thinking because she did so good.” Hmmm. What do you think that phone call sounded like? I think it went something like this:Ring, Ring, RingLindsay: Coke-O!Ne-Yo: Hey Lindsay!Lindsay: Where the f**k is my coke ni**a!?Ne-Yo: This is Ne-Yo…Lindsay: Ohhh. I’m sorry. I thought you were my mother. What’s up?Ne-Yo: I just wanted to call and apologize because before working with you I thought the only thing you could be good at is a coke-snorting contest. And after working with you, I still pretty much think that, but it just made me realize how talented I am! Because I can make a hot song with even a crackskull no talent like you!Lindsay: Oh my God! Thank you, Ne-Yo! I hate to cut this short, but I have to call my mother…Let’s relive one of Lindsay’s finer recent moments, her cameo in the ever so appropriate “Everyone Nose” video, by N.E.R.D. You KNOW she’s standing in the line for the bathroom:A “Fan” Tips His Hat To Kelly Rowland…SortaSo this week Kelly Rowland learned just what fans really think about her music. While performing at a recent show, one of the people in the crowd was so unhappy with her they threw their hat at her while she was on stage and it hit her on the side of her head.However unfortunately, they did not throw a muzzle also. (Sorry Illseed). Kelly tried to get gangsta for few seconds asking the crowd whodunnit, but then to the crowd’s dismay, she still continued her show. Take a hint Kelly!Here’s the video for THAT mess too:Usher Has a Hissy Fit on MTVOn Tuesday, Usher made a visit to TRL that will not soon be forgotten. Instead of just promoting his album (which came out the same day) like he was supposed to, he went into an impromptu rant about his personal life. He said rumors about his marriage being over were untrue and that fans need to leave him and his wife Tam Tam alone and stay out of their business!Wow! Doesn’t this remind you of when you were little and your mother told you not to make fun of the retarded kids? But you did it anyway!! Hey Ursh, if you think this will deter people from making fun of your wife, you are as silly as your wife is unattractive!You just fanned the flames homie!!! Also during your “Mariah Carey” moment (Mariah is now synonymous with crazy. Check Webster!), you said “No, my wife is not 40 years old.” Awww did we say that? Ok we owe Tameka an apology. Tam Tam, we apologize. We ARE thrilled that a young man nearing his thirties has finally found someone so wonderful to love. And we are happy for you too Usher. May 27, 2008Uploaded by 2008co2008Also, check out this song on his album featuring Jay-Z, where they both apologize to their exes. We think we hear Chilli and Amil mentioned! (big ups to Jamile for pointing this out):