The Mind of Macy: Chapter One - Slap a Bitch

Ladies and gentlemen.Boys and girls.Pimps and hos.My name is Macy Gray. I have decided to re-enter the real world and make my fifth album. It will be the biggest comeback you've ever seen. Bigger than the big lies the American government has been telling us for eight years. Not for the money and not for the fame, but friendship. Yes. I miss my fair-weather friends and the only chance I have of being in their company again is to write more hit songs and start getting my picture taken in trendy restaurants with other people who believe themselves to be stars. My very first contribution to my up and coming super success is a biographical ditty called: “SLAP A BITCH,” written by Myself, Jared Gosselin and Phillip White – also known as Jared and Whitey. They are also the producers of this song. The great Dave Pensada, mixed and mastered. A quote from the song: “When I was 13, I slapped a bitch.”For those of you who download songs for free, I've done you one better. I've made a video for free and it is one of the most entertaining works of art that you will ever see. A VMA winner for sure. If I don't get an award for this video, I'm gonna sue. Someone should sue MTV anyway for the false and misleading network name.Anyway, Obama says...yes we can. I say...Boom shaka laka baby. Ladies and gentlemen,Men and women,Winners and losers,Directed by Daniel Park and Daniel Cho of Future Rockstars of America, listen and watch: