The Mind of Macy: Clearing the Obama Air

AllHipHop Staff

The views expressed in this blog are not the views of AllHipHop.comIn response to the false and ridiculous reporting by the New York Post,

Page Six, that I have the "hots for Barack Obama and want to have his


I portray a character in the Starz comedy series Head Case, which is

a hilarious show about a wacky psychiatrist who is wackier than her patients. My

character admits that she thinks Obama is hot. It is innocent and

funny. It was shot back in September and airs in March. The quotes

printed by Page Six were taken completely out of context, and no less

the dialogue from a scripted television comedy. It's ridiculous. It'd

be just like having Denzel Washington arrested in real life for the

crimes his character committed in American Gangster. There are members

of the press, namely the person who wrote the article, who are

untalented and uninspired so they look to write false statements and

tear people down because they couldn't get paid to write about anything

meaningful or true.

I respect and love our new President and his family just as you do and would never disrespect them in anyway. Thank you.**To get the latest AllHipHop Alternatives Features, follow us on Twitter @**