The Mind of Macy: Trim the Fat

AllHipHop Staff

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Pimps and Hos.


is over and I have returned to my comeback trail. The biggest comeback

you will ever see in the history of all histories.

BODY. The body is the temple. It is the home of the

soul and the heart. The foundation of the boobs and ass. The glue of

the arms and legs and head and everything else that extends or

protrudes from it. The source of your own personal B.O. It is the one

thing that goes everywhere you go, and when it is at its best, so are


So let's get fit everybody. Stop talking about

the sh*t everybody. We are the fattest country in the whole wide world.

Fatter than Russia!! Work it. Shake it. Move it. Run it. Walk it.

Sweat it till it's all wet and good. Till you look in the mirror butt

naked and say: "Oh my God, I look so dope. I'm so fine I could make

love to myself right now." And then do it, cuz that will make you sweat

some more. 

Part of making the world a better place is

feeling good about you. You feel good about you, then you feel good

about things and people and life. And what follows is you treat things

and people and life good and then they all treat you right back. It's

a simple chain of events that never fails. 

Today I ate or drank pasta, bread, two wine

spritzers, two glasses of water and some jelly beans. And I loved

every bit of it, but my ass is bigger than I want it to be.

Consequently, I spent way too much money today. I had two arguments

with people I adore, I can't find the only shoes that go with the

outfit I want to wear tonight and I ran right into this huge pothole,

messed up my mama's tires on her car. All because, I was disappointed

in myself for not keeping my word to myself to eat right and exercise. 

I'm working on it. Pray for me. I'm praying for you.

YouTube: "macy gray slap a bitch" and watch the first video of

my upcoming EP or hit

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