The Most Viral Hip Hop Videos on YouTube 2019


Read on to learn about the most viral hip hop videos on YouTube in 2019.

Most people enjoy hip hop dance music. If you are a student, the chances are that you spend a significant portion of your waking hours walking hip hop dance and listening to these songs. This article is for college students, and the main focus is on hip hop dancing and songs. Read on to learn about the most viral hip hop videos on YouTube in 2019.

Lil Nas X - Old Town Road

If you are looking for a song that defines 2019, you must listen to Lil Nas X’s "Old Town Road. Billy Ray Cyrus is a relatively unknown rap star, and he shows how our current times really are. In this video, you will notice something new that will prompt you to think again about what country music really is.

Although the track can not be easily classified as country music, Billy Ray Cyrus will easily hypnotize you with his remix. The song has already beaten Tailor Swift and become the No. 1 in the country.

Flume - How To Build A Relationship

JPEGMAFIA has added a new dimension to hip hop’s anarchy and gained some notoriety. You will like his “I Cannot … Wait Until Morrissey Dies" and “Does This Ski Mask Make Me Look Fat?”

Contrary to what you might have assumed, he is open to collaborations. College students seem to be fascinated by the outcome of this amazing collaboration.

You will find the shadow of a typical new age artist in the personality of JPEGMAFIA. Currently working with Flume, an Australia producer, JPEGMAFIA is one of the most popular hip hop stars in 2019. Even if you are not a diehard fan of this star, you will take some time to forget Flume feat by JPEGMAFIA.

Slowthai — "Doorman"

Many fans label Slowthai as the Brexit Bandit. The British rapper has received a lot of attention in 2019. In a New York Times interview, he told reporters that Britain is taking an unnecessarily long time to resolve the issue. In Slowthai — "Doorman", he appears as a harsh critic of his country.

In this time of uncertainty, it has been regarded by many as a necessary work of art. With punk drum beat and searing bass line, it presents a story of the class divide in the country.

Megan Thee Stallion – Pimpin

Megan Thee Stallion is now a world-class hip hop star, confident and charming. In an interview with The Fader, she said that she was inspired by a few dudes who were freestyling at a party. She thought she could rap, tried it and became successful. And later she became known as Thee Stallion.

She has drawn the attention of the enthusiasts with her debut album. In every song, she sounds like a seasoned rapper. If you listen to her carefully, you will find that she does not sound like a newbie. If you are a diehard fan of hip hop songs, chances are that you are still a student.

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​James Blake- Mile High

James Blake is not only an experimental dance artist but also a promising hip-hop producer. With his latest album, he has added a new dimension to this genre. “Mile High” features both Rosalia and Andre 3000. You will notice a trap-focused beat in this album, which Blake has been exploring in recent years.

For its production, Blake picked an eminent collaborator—Metro Boomin. You will take some time to forget this track even if you are not a diehard fan of hip hop.

Lizzo – "Juice"

Lizzo has taken some time to attain pop stardom, but her position is now solid. She has been one of the most talked about pop stars in 2019. In recent months, her “Juice’ has become wildly popular. This is a really fabulous banger. This video will hypnotize you. So if you write articles or other papers for your assignment, do that first. After watching this video, you will find it hard to focus writing and anything else that requires intense focus.

The song “Mirror, mirror on the wall / Don’t say it ‘cause I know I’m cute” clearly states the strong personality of this rapper and singer. Earlier this year, she told the Vulture that she embraces herself as a body-positive rapper. In the last few months, Lizzo has dropped a few ravishing and refreshing singles. Lizzo’s performance in this video has added a new dimension to hip-hop dancing.

Tyler, The Creator – EARFQUAKE

Tyler is mainly known for his horrorcore rap of “Yonkers”. Now he seems to have a brighter outlook on life. His “Flower Boy’ is melodic, thoughtful and introspective. With the release of “Flower Boy”, the rapper’s career has seen a turning point.

In “EARFQUAKE”, you will notice soaring harmonies and feel the passion of love pleading his sweetheart not to leave. But the song is not tragic. There is an amazing clarity in the melancholy of the song. The song is beautiful because it expressing thoughts with beautiful words.

Rosalia, J Balvin — "Con Altura"

Meet Rosalia, a Spanish singer-songwriter. In the United States, she is already almost as popular as James Blake and Pharrell. J Balvin is already a well-known Colombian Superstar and he earned a Grammy nomination last year.

What began with “El mal querer” reached its peak with “Con Altura”. For the past year, this combination has been dominating western pop. If you are looking for some hip hop dance songs, this track will not disappoint you.

It now tops the list of Spanish language hits. The same level of talent can create a radio banger in the UK and the USA. Rosalia and J Balvin have proved that you don’t need to use English lyrics to become a wildly popular hip hop singer. Get ready to enjoy great hip hop dancing.

Denzel Curry — “RICKY”

Denzel Curry has told The FADER how passionate he is about his new album. In the interview, he says he uses exactly the same sounds he learnt growing up in his native land. The uses the sounds he learnt from the people he was raised around. Ricky bears the words Denzel Curry leant in Carol City, Miami.

Maxo Kream - Meet Again

Maxo Kream has said that he is excited About Meet Again particularly because it is influenced by some of his most complicated personal experiences. He is already well-known as a talented, concise writer of hip hop lyrics. This track will remind you how horrendous incarceration really is.

In 2019, these are the most viral hip hop videos on YouTube. If you are really a hip hop enthusiast, you will have noticed that this list changes rapidly. Hip hop is a new genre, and it is clear that this genre will become more popular in the foreseeable future.

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