The NFL Wrap-up Week 12: The Comeback Colts

First, I hope that all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoying the games, was a different story. I can’t lie, I house-hopped like crazy because none of the games held my attention enough to stay in one place. Now if we could have gotten the Giants vs. Dallas, that would have been a seat sticker, if for anything, the history. But who in their right mind want to see the Cowboys vs. the Raiders?

Let’s get down to it. The Indianapolis Colts are just resilient. If they are not your team, swallow your pride and watch how they work. Yes, they are 11-0 and when are the Indianapolis Colts of this millennium not 11-0. Listen up, the Colts aren’t blowing out teams. The past five games, the Colts have come back to win games in the 4th quarter. They played the Houston Texans, who vowed that this would be a turning point in their season and a much needed win over their division rival. Since Peyton Manning entered the league, the Colts have gone 15-1 against the Texans. There is always next time.

We had a Monday Night Football game worth watching this time around. The now 11-0 New Orleans Saints gave it to the New England Patriots, 38-17 and it wasn’t even that close. I am impressed by the Saints which seem to only get better when the competition gets tougher. I know that the media is hand-in-hand singing the praises of Bret Favre 4.0 as the MVP of this season. I am not for it. Hands down, Drew Brees is the MVP of his team and the league at this very moment. Throwing for 371 yards and 5 touchdowns isn’t something any quarterback could do to the Patriots. Did you see the dumbfounded look on Coach Belechick and Tom “Cry” Brady near the end of the game? They didn’t look that lost after their Super Bowl defeat to the New York Giants. Belechick knew something about his defense weeks ago, that we are just beginning to find out; he doesn’t have one.

Ok, let’s talk about the growing issue of concussions being delivered throughout the league. Is it me, or are more star players getting their lights cut off? While defensive players become stronger and more irritated by the theatrics of offensive stars, you just have to wonder if a concussion just comes with the territory now. Take Eagles wide receiver, Desean Jackson for instance. Jackson is one of the fastest and most charismatic players in the league. No one has caught more 50+ yard bombs for touchdowns than Jackson. And when he gets to the endzone, he makes sure that everybody knows he scored.

I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking, “Whoa, is this dude insinuating that Desean brought this concussion upon himself?” In my opinion, Yes. Why? Because he is a great player that linebackers hardly ever get the chance to place a licking on. You don’t think these defenders remember the frontwards flip into the endzone; how he burned their cornerbacks; how he did the jig with the goal post? Oh yes, they remember it all. Just think about all the players that went down to concussions this year. Jackson might be the only case of a charismatic player being sent into the lions’ den. But a superstar like Ben “I Don’t Want to Talk about It” Roethlisberger scrambling and not sliding is asking to get pasted! No, I do not believe that defensive players are deliberately trying to end careers. I just believe that if you scramble and five people couldn’t bring you down, that six player will, and he will make sure you taste the turf.

As always, I can talk about every team in these wrap-ups. I would really like to, and I am doing all that I can to cover every division. So I leave it up to you to OWN UP. What did your Chargers do this week? What did your Bears not do this week? Why should we care about your New York Giants? I need to know what you think about my views on players being concussed this season. Is their greatness asking for it?