The NFL Wrap-Up Week 13: The Cards You Were Dealt

Week 13 is now behind us, so

let me ask you this question, “How strong does your team look?”

Are you playoff bound or what? Leading the division or sliding into

a Wild Card position? OWN UP! That’s what we do with these wrap-ups.

And much respect to those that are commenting with below .500 teams.

That’s what OWNING UP is all about!

I want to lead with talking

about last season’s Superbowl. You know, the one that the Arizona

Cardinals let slip through their defense. I’m not even on the Cardinals

and still have flashbacks of when Santonio “Konvict Music” Holmes

caught the impossible catch in the back corner of the endzone that ultimately

put the Steelers in the lead for good. This is the moment where I should

say, “Wow, how the mighty have fallen.” But I’ll save that one

just in case the Steelers, which are now on a four game losing streak,

don’t make the playoffs. Did I mention that they’ve lost a tough

game to the Oakland Raiders, at home? We’ll get back to that.

Will the real Arizona Cardinals

please stand up? I know that you’ve just handed it to the Minnesota

Vikings in the worst way. You’ve rattled Brett Favre 4.0, and you’ve

shut down Adrian Peterson to 19 rushing yards. Forgive me for changing

the subject, but wasn’t having a veteran QB supposed to help Peterson

rush for more yards? Ok, back to the Cardinals. The Cardinals are just

inconsistently inconsistent (yes, I meant to say that). Last week, they

got Vince Young’d on a 99 yard drive that lost the Cardinals the lead

and the game. This week, they make the Vikings look like, well, the

Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Against the Vikings, Kurt Warner threw for 3 touchdown

passes, one to Larry “That’s Mine” Fitzgerald and two touchdown

passes to Anquan Boldin. Favre 4.0 was sacked three times and intercepted

two times. If the Cardinals can bottle up this intensity on both ends

of the ball, similar to their Superbowl run last season, they could

very well make it back to the big game. I’m just saying… this is

not a prediction.

The Pittsburgh Steelers look

like they’ve lost their best friend. And his name is Troy “Isn’t

It?” Polamalu. Say what you want about one player not making a difference

on a team. If that was the case, the Cleveland Browns would be deadly.

The Steelers are 2-5 without the star of the “Head and Shoulders”

commercials. Troy’s position and knowledge of the defense is far too

valuable and maybe more valuable than even the coaching staff realized.

You’d hope that when your Pro Bowl player goes down, their back-up

would step up. In Polamalu’s case, if you had a player as good as

he is, as a back-up, that player would be on the field as well, point

blank. If you are a Steeler’s fan, good luck. Coach Mike “Q” Tomlin

is one of my favorite coaches in the league. Even when the Steelers

look down and out, Tomlin talks without any chaser and you just believe

that his team will step up the next week. But sorry to say, there is

no stepping up if they can’t get Polamalu back on the field in working

order. Am I wrong?

Colts and Saints streaks are

still in tact with four games to go. If you are a Washington Redskins

fan, how many times did you hurl in your mouth this past Sunday? I mean,

you just can’t catch a break, and these are the type of games that

your team loses every year. You had the Saints right where you wanted

them. Or was it the other way around? Tennessee’s 5 game winning streak

with Vince Young at quarterback was snapped by the Colts. This didn’t

come across as a surprise, and wouldn’t have been even if the Titans

pulled out the victory. Any time that faces the Colts or the Saints

during the remainder of the season need to think, possessions. You better

have your heart in every position and every snap if you want to beat

either one of these teams. If you ask me, they both need to take a loss

before the playoffs. And not a loss with the second string players in

either. Sometimes you just need a shift in game plans which only happens

after a loss. Which could explain the up and down victories both teams

are pulling off. Which team do you think the clock will strike 12 on

in the playoffs?

As always, I can’t talk about

every team in these wrap-ups. However, we at implemented

the scores and asterisks to focus on what you should be “in the know”

on. Sidebar: it just felt right to see Allen Iverson back in a Sixers

uniform last night. Give the Sixers about 10 games and a whole lot of

“Practice” and they won’t be an easy win in the Eastern Conference.

What were you expecting me to say? That they’d be a force to be reckoned

with? I have a name to protect here!

Baltimore 14, Green Bay 27

Minnesota 17*, Arizona 30*

San Francisco 17, Seattle 20

Dallas 24*, New York Giants


San Diego 30*, Cleveland 23

Philadelphia 34*, Atlanta 7

New England 21*, Miami 22

Detroit 13, Cincinnati 23*

Denver 44, Kansas City 13

St. Louis 9, Chicago 17

Oakland 27, Pittsburgh 24

Tampa Bay 6, Carolina 16

Tennessee 17, Indianapolis


New Orleans 33*, Washington


Houston 18, Jacksonville 23

New York Jets 19, Buffalo 13

* = Division Leaders