The NFL Wrap-Up Week 14: Did The Cowboys Lose their Chargers?

Please tell me that some of

you “got” my joke in the title for this weeks’ wrap-up.

I need to know that I am rocking with some intelligent individuals here.

As for the here and now, if you are new to “The NFL Wrap-up” welcome

to the future. Bold statement, I know, but I have backed it up for weeks.

What did I tell you about those Steelers last week? Didn’t I tell

you that they will not win another game this season if Troy “Isn’t

It” Polamalu was inactive? They lost to the lowly Cleveland Browns

decisively. Ben and Hines are reported to be at each others necks. In

the famed words of Coach Jim Mora, “Playoffs!? Don’t talking about,

Playoffs? You kidding me!? Playoff!? I just hope we could win a game!”

“It’s time,” said a dejected

Tony “Oh No” Romo during the post game press conference after the

Cowboy’s loss to the Chargers. Really, Tony? Dallas Cowboys fans would

like to know what time it really is. If it is time to win, then you’re

timing is a few games too late. Local media are drilling you and your

coach about your lack of intensity in December. It just seems that the

deeper your team goes into the season, you lose your charge (see where

I am getting at with the title). Coach Phillips was quoted as saying

that he has a team of winners. If he is right, would you say that your

coach is letting you down? This isn’t for me Tony. I love the game

of Football, period. This is for your fans. Your fans want to know why

your team runs out of gas at the same point, every season. We see your

stats in the past two games. You’re doing very well. However, if you’re

team isn’t winning, you’re not doing all that well, are you? 

When on the flipside, the San

Diego Chargers, led by Phillip “In Your Face” Rivers are 16-0 in

December. I know that I haven’t given the Chargers the proper coverage

in past wrap-ups, and I will not apologize for it. Why? Simple… because

I know that they are a “Sleeper Team.” The Indianapolis Colts are

not the team to beat in the AFC, the Chargers are. Taking it a step

further, The New Orleans Saints are not the team to beat in the NFC,

the Cardinals are. Back to the Chargers, they get the most out of their

entire squad. Their quarterback is a stud in this league. Rivers is

plugged in at all times, he never backs down, yet he remains below the

radar compared to other elite QB’s. The Colts going undefeated in

the regular season doesn’t mean a thing, if they face the Chargers

in the playoffs. And I am going on record as saying that I am not speaking

any knowledge on the Chargers that their fans and analysts across the

nation don’t already know. The Chargers got the Colts number. And

this is why I don’t talk about the Chargers as often.

The Playoff picture received

its first strokes of the paint brush this weekend. The undefeated Colts

and Saints clinched their divisions, while Minnesota led by Favre 4.0

brought some purple to the party. Sunday Night Football gave us a scoreboard

destroyer with the Eagles slipping by the Giants, 45-38. And what was

so interesting about the high scoring game was that the Giants left

21 points on the field. The Eagles are leading their, but anything is

still possible in the NFC East.

As always, I can’t get to

every team in these wrap-ups. I’d like to thank all the consistent

AHH NFL fans that comment every week. I read every comment and seriously

take them into account. So let’s OWN UP! Which teams are you sure

won’t make the playoffs this season? Was anybody surprised that the

Cardinals lost last night (I sure wasn’t)? How is your team holding

up in the final stretch? And have the New York Giants fans took a Kanye

West like hiatus on OWNING UP? Anytime you need a friend, we got your


Arizona 9, San Francisco 24

Philadelphia 45, New York Giants


San Diego 20, Dallas 17

St. Louis 7, Tennessee 47

Washington 34, Oakland 13

Detroit 3, Baltimore 48

Denver 16, Indianapolis 28*

New York Jets 26, Tampa Bay


Buffalo 16, Kansas City 10

Green Bay 21, Chicago 14

Seattle 7, Houston 34

Carolina 10, New England 20

New Orleans 26*, Atlanta 23

Miami 14, Jacksonville 10

Cincinnati 10, Minnesota 30y

Pittsburgh 6, Cleveland 13

* = Clinched Division

y= Clinched Playoff Berth