The NFL Wrap-Up Week 15: Saints Fans, Don’t Fear!

Allow me to open up this Wrap-Up

the right way. I was called out last week to OWN UP on a statement about

the Arizona Cardinals. On one hand, I talked about how the Cardinals

were the team to beat in the NFC, which is true if you go by the fact

that they are the reigning NFC Champions and when they are on their

game, nobody in the NFC has an answer for them. Then I made this statement:

Was anybody surprised that the Cardinals lost

last night (I sure wasn’t)? Well look, there isn’t a contradiction

present in this evaluation. Whether you realize it or not, there is

a “Rivalry” setting in the NFL. The NFL is about matchups and how

much data you have compiled on your opponent. The San Francisco 49ers

are built to beat the Cardinals. If the Niners don’t beat another

team the entire season, they’ll step their game up against their rival.

I appreciate the call out; it keeps me on my toes. And you’re welcome…

Saints fans, no need feel down.

The Cowboys just wanted it and need it more. Whoa, did I just type that?

The Saints are no longer undefeated and it’s not because your team

didn’t try… the Saints left all they had on the field in the fourth

quarter. You couldn’t tell me that Drew Brees wasn’t going to pull

another comeback out of his helmet. The mountain was too steep to climb

this time around though. I will step back from the Saints because their

fans go extremely hard every week on the Wrap-Up. So in your own words,

how did you take the first loss of the season?

Before I go any further, let’s

have a moment of silence for Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver, Chris


Ok Steeler’s fans, I’ll

OWN UP! I stated that your team wouldn’t win another game this season

without Troy “Isn’t It” Polamalu in the lineup. Yesterday, the

Steelers kept their Playoff dreams on life support. Roethlisberger threw

for 503 yards and a game winning, no seconds on the clock, touchdown

to beat the Green Bay Packers. Throwing for 503 yards in one game is

pretty epic, I can’t lie. The win placed the Steelers in a 6-way tie

with Miami, the Jets, Houston, Jacksonville, and Tennessee, all a game

out of the final Wild Card spot. If your team is in this mix, OWN UP

on your chances of making it to the second season.

Let me guess, the Giants fans

will make an appearance this week in the Comment Section… shots fired!

Week 15 saw a few records get

met or broken. Randy “The Cornrow Lumberjack” Moss gave it to the

media during his postgame interview. Desean Jackson can’t stop catching

50+ yard bombs. The Tennessee Titans held on to beat the Miami Dolphins,

tightening up the race for the final Wildcard position. The Minnesota

Vikings offensive line got Brett Favre 4.0 lit up. Then Brett walked

all over Coach Childress, telling him that he wasn’t going to leave

the game. San Diego is streaking! Wow, I love this game.

My “Game of the Week” for

Week 16 is Baltimore at Pittsburgh. Just think about it. Baltimore Ravens

are holding onto the final Wildcard spot. They are in control of their

own destiny. If they could beat Pittsburgh, Baltimore would add more

cushion to their positioning for a Playoff run. If Pittsburgh beat the

Ravens, they’ll be tied in the AFC North and Pittsburgh would be won

step closer to defending their Superbowl championship. I’ve heard

that Polamalu will be active for the game. Get your popcorn ready!

As always, I can’t get to

every team in these wrap-ups. I’d like to thank all the consistent

AHH NFL fans that comment every week. I read every comment and seriously

take them into account. So let’s OWN UP! Will Indianapolis go undefeated

in the regular season? How is your team fairing in the Playoff hunt?

Is anybody else tired of Michael Vick running the Wildcat other than

Michael Vick?

Tennessee 27, Miami 24

Arizona 31x, Detroit 24

Atlanta 10, N Y Jets 7

Houston 16, St. Louis 13

New England 17, Buffalo 10

Cleveland 41, Kansas City 34

Baltimore 31, Chicago 7

Philadelphia 24y, San Francisco


Oakland 20, Denver 19

San Diego 27x, Cincinnati 24

Tampa Bay 24, Seattle 7

Pittsburgh 37, Green Bay 36

Dallas 24, New Orleans 17x

Indianapolis 35x, Jacksonville


Carolina 26, Minnesota 7y

N Y Giants 45, Washington 12 

x – clinched Division

y – Clinched Playoff Berth