The NFL Wrap-Up Week 16: Dallas Vs Eagles! "Get Yo' Hand Outta My Pocket!"

A wise man, ok, my boss, once

told me to NEVER bet money on an NFL game. He continued on that I’d

have an 85% chance of losing the bet. I scratched my head and he told

me to stop thinking so hard; that there are far too many variables that

go into betting “Straight-UP” or “Against the Spread” on any

given game. Let’s just say that I didn’t listen. I couldn’t turn

down the $40 bet at Hooters that came from a total stranger. I’m not

a punk!

Long story short, over the

years I probably helped a few strangers put their Halo playing youngsters

through college before I gently pulled that cold hand out of my pocket.

I am telling you this story because of NFL weekends like this past one.

On Alicia Keys’ green Earth, can somebody please tell me what’s

going on with the Saints and Vikings? Really, is this how we take an

explosive season into the playoffs? Who lost money on ‘dem Saints?

And is Adrian Peterson as talented as he is suspect? I don’t want

to believe that dude isn’t elite. See, those were the type of games

that I would’ve lost my watch over. On the other end of all that,

the Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed some grit, some

promise. Carrying this performance over to next season, I can’t call


The Indianapolis Colts finally

joined the rest of the losers in the league. The New York Jets, yes,

the same team that its own coach said their season was over a little

over 2 weeks ago, rose to the occasion to beat a soon dejected squad.

Did you see the sad mugs on those Colt faces? Didn’t you want to buy

Peyton Manning a drink and tell him that everything would be ok? I don’t

believe in teams that rest their players before a playoff run. To tell

you the truth, I don’t believe that 2009 is almost over, well until

I heard Skillz do the 2009 wrap-up. My suggestion to the Colts staff

would be to, “Play to Win the Game,” in your regular season finale,

or your season finale will come sooner than the Superbowl. And I just

want to go on record saying that Indianapolis is one Manning injury

away from becoming the Kansas City Chiefs. The only ‘Painter’ I

believe in is Amanda Diva… shots fired! 

The Playoff Picture has become

even clearer this past weekend, especially in the NFC. The NFC has its

six teams, New Orleans, Minnesota, Arizona, Philadelphia, Dallas, and

Green Bay. New Orleans is a lock for the #1 seed after Minnesota sputtered

last night. Every seed after is wide open. A team like the Philadelphia

Eagles controls their own destiny. If they beat the Dallas Cowboys in

their regular season finale, the Eagles could move up to the 3 seed

and as high as the 2 seed. And the interesting part about this finale

is that the Eagles, although the 4 seed at this time, hasn’t won the

division yet. So we have our “AHH Game of the Week”. Dallas vs.

Philadelphia, I feel a fight coming on; sorry Mayweather and Pacquiao. 

In the AFC, only division champions

are locked, Indianapolis, San Diego, New England and Cincinnati. Both

Baltimore and the Jets are in control of their Wild Card destiny. A

victory this coming weekend would clinch their Playoff position. A loss

by either team would open up the flood gates to Denver, Houston, Pittsburgh,

Jacksonville and Miami to slide into the picture. If your team is hanging

on by a thread, what are their chances of grabbing up one of the final


As always, I can’t talk about

every team in these wrap-ups. Once again, I appreciate all our loyal

readers that follow this column. People are OWNING UP, every week. And

it is clear that we have diehard fans being realistic about their squads

and showing respect to different views. So if your team has already

clinched their playoff spot, is there a team in your conference that

you hope you don’t face in the playoffs; a team that you want to see

in the playoffs? Giants fans, c’mon son, talk to us; y’all never

should had called me out at the beginning of the season saying that

I don’t cover your team. OWN UP, how did you feel about your teams’

showing in closing down Giants Stadium? In closing, I’ll never bet

on an NFL game again. But there is something I know for sure…

being the best site in 2010 for all of your information needs is something

that you can bet on and win tenfold!

Chicago 36, Minnesota 30

Atlanta 31, Buffalo 3

Houston 27, Miami 20

Green Bay 48, Seattle 10

Carolina 41, NY Giants 9

Pittsburgh 23, Baltimore 20

Tampa Bay 20, New Orleans 17

Cleveland 23, Oakland 9

Cincinnati 17, Kansas City


New England 35, Jacksonville


San Francisco 20, Detroit 6

Arizona 31, St. Louis 10

NY Jets 29, Indianapolis 15

Philadelphia 30, Denver 27

Dallas 17, Washington 0

San Diego 42, Tennessee 17