The Obama Deception (DVD Review)

AllHipHop Staff

As mainstream political pundits wonder when the Obama honeymoon will be over, members of the anti-establishment claim such honeymoon never existed. According to Alex Jones’s Obama Deception (Info Wars) our promised agent of change is no more than a puppet for imperial interests. The two-hour documentary claims that President Obama has secret ties to big business and that much of his administration caters to the demands of Wall Street.

The film centers around Obama’s alleged affiliation with the Bilderberg Group, an ultra-exclusive roundtable of about 130 guests of high political influence, who allegedly meet to hatch global plots. Cameras follow Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and other major office holders to an undisclosed location where protesters wait with bullhorns to express their dissent over the clandestine meeting. Apparently the Bilderberg group is behind much scandal concerning the capitalist centralization of the world.

Obama Deception may have botched its opportunity to reach a wide audience by openly attacking the president. The ominous organ chords and unflattering photos (Jones uses cheap editing to make Obama look devilish at times) do not hide the obscurity of the case against the president. From the opening credits, the film recycles images and catch phrases.

Jones’ main claim is that Obama belongs to the Bilderberg consortium, which in itself does not indict the president. The film postulates that the group has empirical ambitions that no official source has confirmed.

Jones himself is paleoconservative. Though he accuses Obama of contributing to nefarious world plots, the radio host presents an anticommunist viewpoint. To him, Obama’s violations are rooted in not preserving the purity of American ideals of tradition, religion, and anti-federalism.

Jones attempts to lend validity to his case with interviews from KRS-One and Professor Griff from Public Enemy, yet the Hip-Hop legends comment more on the president’s relative powerlessness with respect to the United States system of government than his exploitation of power.

In just the first two months of his term, Barack Obama has faced heavy scrutiny for closing Guantanamo Bay, which Jones claims he only did to divert attention from the other secret prisons still established throughout the world.

While Jones and other conspiracy theorists wait for Obama to break his promise of withdrawing troops from Iraq within the first 16 months of his presidency, it’s hard to take this film as a serious cause for concern. For now, Obama Deception is a full conjectures yet to be substantiated by the enactments of the Obama administration.

The Obama Deception: