The Pre-Fix Mixtape

Artist: Doujah RazeTitle: The Pre-Fix MixtapeRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Anthony “Lil Koop”™ Carr

When VA/DC region is spoken about within the mix tape or music scene itself, the first genre to come to mind is the homegrown sound of Go-Go. Therefore making a name for your self will take the outside approach. Doujah Raze realized this and took his music to the New York scene in order to create that buzz needed to stay alive in the rap game. After numerous 12 inch singles and praises from established artist, Doujah brings forth his latest work The Pre-Fix Mixtape (Trilogy). With the help of Double-J behind the 1’s and 2’s we’re given a taste of what Doujah will be bringing to fans in the future.

From the opening track “Irish Cream”, he not only establishes that he is a “white mc” but also what skills he has to offer to the hip hop genre. Spitting attention grabbing metaphors like “…you be lackin vision like blown opticals”. Not standing alone, Doujah shares the mic with Tribeca on the head nodder “Throw Heat”. Rhyming over synthesized guitars and smooth basslines, we get a good idea of what could become the staple Hip-hop sound of the DC area. O.C. and Born Unique join Doujah on the lead single “The Dedication (Hold That Heat)”. Trading survival guides on what they’re dedicated to, the Digger produced track gives listeners an anthem type feel with blaring trumpets and simple drumlines. The only downfall to the album is the repetitive video game sampled explosion that apparently notes that one track is ending and the next track is beginning.

The Pre-Fix gives the listeners 16 tracks of solid material. With the track selection, it’s just enough to make listeners want more, and possibly take a stronger look at what is bubbling in the nation’s capital. Sticking to his formula of strong lyrics and a strong supporting cast to show his versatility, Doujah could bring some more attention to the untapped DC area.