The Rebirth Of Kool G Rap

Kool G Rap’s musical career has been a journey that most Hip-Hop aficionados could only dream of. Now the self-proclaimed “Donald Goines of Rap” plots a simultaneous comeback and exit from a profession he helped pioneer since the 80s. AllHipHop chronicles this expedition in THE REBIRTH OF KOOL G RAP, a reoccurring feature. Read the words of the legend.

Kool G Rap: I am at the point where I am trying to convert my career to more behind the scenes, because I am not ready to close out right now. I didn’t do these 19 years for nothing, and I am happy to be an influence to some people that did great things with their career. For instance, look at the late Pun who was really an offspring of G Rap, and he let it be known. I have a lot of respect for that, and him as a person. I believe he was incredible lyrically. He and I had done a track called “Top Five Dead or Alive.” Of the three joints we did, this one is nothing heard before - something new. I didn’t get a ‘Pac verse or a Biggie verse, the next person I might do something with is Big L. The ‘Pac and Biggie thing was ran in the ground by everybody, even though I have them in my Top Five List as some of the greatest rappers ever.

So I’m calling my new mixtape “Top Five Dead or Alive.” It is trying to get the audience that is not familiar with G Rap and get them familiar. I know a lot of people heard Jay-Z mention me on one of his records, Game mentioned me on his album, Em gave me a shout out at the Grammy’s. So a lot of people never heard of G Rap are probably wondering, “Why all these dudes are shouting his name? Who is he?” That is like the 17 or 18 year olds who are not familiar with G Rap. So this is a mixtape to get everyone familiar, and acquainted with G Rap and see what I am about. I am really trying to get it done soon.

Lately, I’ve been getting down with the best new acts in the game: I had heard of Saigon when I heard Warning Shots. As far as the rappers on the scene, he was one of my favorites. So I happened to meet him after that, while doing a show with The Roots for a scene in a movie with Dave Chappell. I told him how I thought highly of him lyrically and we linked through someone we knew mutually, helped us do a song together. “ Dirty Biz” (Click here to hear "Dirty Biz.") was the one he did for my mixtape. Then we did “The Letter P” with the verses on it, and I just laced that up for him in return.

Then there’s Game. We came together because Green Lantern has affiliates with Game, and he was hosting this mixtape and he mentioned that to Game and he flipped out, saying I was one of his favorite rappers and he said he would love for me to come out while he was performing on that New York tour. I got the message and had a mutual liking for him too, so we made it happen.

I have a couple more albums to get out of my system, then I will play behind the scenes. I already run a label, so I can go ahead and put out artist under me like Ma Barker, 40 Cal Hammerz, and my man Tizmania. But until “Top Five Dead or Alive” comes, be on the look for my website, coming early May.

The rest of y'all know where I'm lyrically at/ Can't none of y'all mirror me back/ Yeah hearin' me rap is like hearin' G Rap in his prime. – Jay-Z on “Encore”