The Remixture Vol. 1

Artist: OddiseeTitle: The Remixture Vol. 1Rating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Bill "Low-Key" Heinzelman

Oddisee may very well be the best producer you have never heard of. Drawing comparisons to the legendary Pete Rock, Oddisee has made a name for himself in the underground through his work with J-Live, Wordsworth, Little Brother, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Talib Kweli. In the ongoing struggle to gain notoriety Oddisee's newest project - The Remixture Vol. 1 (Halftooth Records) - finds the Maryland native remixing various songs with his own special blend of beats.

With a diverse lineup of artists, The Remixture Vol. 1 is an adventurous effort that looks to blend various genres of music and styles of Hip-Hop into one. Sticking to his underground roots, Oddisee does a great job at remixing Wordsworth's underrated "Run." With the inclusion of a grand piano loop and beautiful vocal sample, Oddisee is able to bring the best out of Wordsworth's spectacular storytelling track. Topping that is Organized Konfusion's "Somehow, Someway," as Oddisee flips the same Marvin Gaye sample used on De La Soul's "With Me." Oddisee even takes 50 Cent's bubble gum hit "21 Questions" and turns it into a silky smooth song.

While Oddisee takes a lot of chances on The Remixture and succeeds, there are a few efforts that don't work as well as others. Oddisee attempts to add some much needed soul to Memphis Bleek's lackluster single "Round Here," but the new vibe fails to blend with the essence of the original. Similarly, the new stripped down production on The Fugees' classic "Fu-Gee-La" will only have fans begging to hear the original. The only other notable misstep is the jazzy sounds of N.E.R.D.'s "She Wants To Move," as Oddisee's new beat lacks the energy and passion of the original.

Besides a few dull efforts, The Remixture Vol. 1 is more proof (as if you needed any) that Oddisee is one of the game's most underrated producers. Hopefully more artists will catch wind of what Oddisee has to offer because this is a man who deserves to be heard.