The Rise of Eve Takes Misogyny To Task Like Never Before

New documentary challenges gender-based violence.

When “The Rise of Eve” went into production in 2014, journalist and filmmaker L. Burner, says her biggest fear was “the same bias and misogynistic power structure that inspired the film could prevent it from finding a platform.”

Burner says that all changed in Oct. 2017 when the #metoo movement went viral, setting the stage for such a project.

But “The Rise of Eve,” which was completed in 2016, goes beyond sexual harassment, touching on misogyny across the boundaries of culture, age and time, taking the scope of #metoo to #me2.0.

“The Rise of Eve” takes an unprecedented approach in addressing sensitive topics such as derogatory terms for women, intimate partner violence, sexual assault and genital mutilation presenting direct, transparent, courageous and at times, shocking testimonials along with powerful narration.

There are heated debates between the sexes, inflammatory assertions of double standards, justifications and superiority tempered with analysis and proponents for women's rights.

It's important to note that male and feminist are not mutually exclusive in the documentary.

Many of the men give supportive testimony. There are quite a few notable names interviewed such as University of Delaware Professor Yasser Payne, Ph.D., celebrated activist, Chandra Pitts, AllHipHop Founder Grouchy Greg Watkins and producers Herb Middleton and Carvin Haggins.

There is also original commentary from True Crime reporter and best-selling author, Aphrodite Jones.

ROE’s Director/Producer L. Burner, who is African-American and familiar with racial and gender bias is near completion on a sequel that compares the two.

“My hope is that the critical and heartfelt testimony of survivors and analysis of abusive behavior will inspire a new understanding where only victim-blaming has existed. I would like for people to stop oversimplifying escaping from abuse and know there is valid fear and a psychological hold; that abuse is patholical not “provoked.” Ultimately, I hope to promote empathy and create a paradigm shift in how society processes and responds to gender-based violence.“

There will be a special Red Carpet Screening and Cast Meet & Greet open to the public on Saturday July 21st at 5pm leading up the 6:30 showing.

The Rise of Eve is playing July 20th to July 27th at Cinema Village Theater located at 22 East 12th St. NY, NY 10003

Tickets are on sale now.

Official Website: #Riseofeve