The Rush

Artist: The HeatmakerzTitle: The RushRating: 3 1/2 StarsReviewed by: Adam Thomas

The soul sample is heavily used in Hip-Hop as inspiration for the current street sound. There are many producers who use them—sometimes too much—but there are few who distinguish themselves. The Heatmakerz , the production duo consisting of Rsonist and Thrilla stay among the best at manipulating the soul sound, and it shows on several many Dipset affiliated hits (“Dipset Anthem,” “Oh Boy”). Heatmakerz now drop their own album, The Rush (Major Key/Koch), a 14 track ride featuring their beats, select guest appearances and a large dose of Rsonist. The equation comes out to a well produced album that will grab your ear with its great manipulation of samples, even if it doesn't hold you for long with its lyrics. This album provides various rushes, keeping true to its namesake. "Body Bluffin Remix," featuring Papoose, showcases their signature sound perfectly, as the mix of beat and Pap's biting style leads to a song that rides well. "All I Know" with Rain, Rsonist and Dox gives a dark outlook on the difficulties of the human existence through their eyes. The pilfered vocal loop used does a good job of capturing the despair that the lyrics provide. "Ain't no Sunshine" featuring Curtains, Trini, Rsonist, Mila Don is a push on the album that does provide a definite rush as it carries a powerful sound. The pitfall of this album though, is that the lyrics, though at time on point, don't shine compared to the bright production. Sometimes it executes well, but it just leaves you with a feeling that the beat carried the song you just listened to. Rsonist showcases a bit of his MC skills, but he also sometimes gets show out by his own grooves. The Rush definitely showcases the Heatmakerz producing talents. If anyone had doubted their skills before they throw on this album, then the smooth sounds and crisp delivery that permeate the album will open their eyes. When listening, allow yourself to take this in, you won’t be disappointed.