THE SCENE: TQ x SV Feat. The Misshapes

Hipsters from far and near converged on Greene Street in Soho for Complex Magazine sponsored, Tanqueray powered event TQ x SV.

The focus was street art and murals depicting Tanqueray in its three forms (Tanqueray, Tanqueray 10 and new comer Tanqueray Rangpur) and in various media including paint, collage and video. The murals were done by street artists from the We Are Supervision collective.

Chique was the word, as different textures and surfaces converged in a medley of canvas paintings, wood floors, brick walls, glass ceilings and stained glass windows produced an environment conducive to mingling.

Just as motley a mix was the sonic selection from Melle Mel's “White Lines” to Bleek’s “Is That Your Chick,” and Mijack’s “working day and night The DJ ran the gamut of musical taste even sprinkling a little techno on top.

The main theme of the night was visual representation and the musical backdrop over the course of the exhibit switched to hipster DJ collective/fashion trendsetters (Mainly inspiring the tight clothes on guys that make you scratch your head), The Misshapes. Not really my cup of tea, but the crowd didn’t seem to mind. They jammed well into the night, so the DJ collective knows that they are doing.

Celebration of street art is certainly appropriate as we mourn the recent passing of Style Wars legendary director Tony Silver. A visionary who certainly will not be forgotten.

The Tanqueray Brand is about seeing the world differently, and coming together with street artists and using murals to promote their brand is no exception. The art was dope, the drinks were stiff, the crowd was good looking, and the music was loud. Good Times.