The Top 10 Hip-Hop Halloween Songs (The Nice and Not-So-Nice)

For Halloween and Hip-Hop, there is a distinct breakdown in America’s scariest day…the funny and the scary. With that AllHipHop decided to put together the most provocative range of Halloween joints. Impossible to be all-inclusive, we implore you to add on to the list!


These are songs you don’t want to play if you have a preexisting psychological dysfunction. “Diary of a Madman” - Gravediggaz "Natural Born Killaz," by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre “Devil’s Son” – Big L "Satanic Verses," by Flatlinerz "Mind Playing Tricks On Me," by Geto Boys ThE FuN SiDE These are the songs you can play as the kids walk up to trick-or-treat. "Nightmares," by Dana Dane “Nightmare On My Street” – Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince “Are You Ready For Freddy?” - The Fat Boys Bonus Video “Nowhere To Run , Nowhere To Hide” – Gravediggaz