The Top 10 Worst Chains In Hip Hop

That's Lil Duval above, who clowned one of our "10 Worst Chains In Hip Hop" at last year's Hot107.9 Birthday Bash in Atlanta. While this particular piece has been laid to rest, other gaudy creations are still being flaunted by popular rappers. Check out the jewelry that gets a "hell no," and let's see if you can guess who the proud owners are: 10. This chain experienced a malfunction at last year's BET Hip Hop Awards, when it broke right off the rapper's neck. 9. When asked this rapper why he chose a Bart Simpson chain, he said, "I wanted to have a chain that was gonna shock the world and was gonna draw a lot of attention to me." Bravo, mission accomplished. 8. This one just screams "No he didn't!" 7. This youngin' flaunted this Lamborghini chain last summer, made from a remote control car. 6. Whose bright idea was it to put this $500,000 chain in the mail (from which it was stolen) and insure it for only $500? 5. This rapper made his way into the Guinness World Records in 2007 with his “Crunk Ain’t Dead,", which was crowned the “largest diamond pendant” in the world. 4. Thankfully, this big ass mess is now six feet under. 3. This one should be a piece of cake. 2. This iced out Newport box actually opens up for use as storage. Gaudy and functionality all in one. 1. Really? An iced out "Tony the Tiger"?