The Wake Up Show Unplugged Drops Two More Dope Artists [VIDEO]

AllHipHop Staff

As we've previously reported, King Tech, Sway and DJ Revolution have been dropping phenomenal videos of emerging artists over the last few weeks and this week is no exception! The World Famous Wake Up Show recently created a Hip Hop experience like none other. They took Grammy Award Winning musicians who had never played together before and paired them with emerging Hip Hop artists. The result was a day of Hip Hop genius. They are finally rolling out the videos from that amazing day and has got the exclusives! 

Okay so first up this week is an artist that we've been writing about forever both for work that he's done within his group the Brown Bag AllStars and for his solo joints as well. As one of the most sought after up and coming producers in New York City at the moment, this kid is shaking the underground scene by the shoulders and awaking the masses to his abilities in a major way. Audible Doctor is versatile as you will see in the video and his rhyme scheme and flow are the cross-roads where verbal adeptness and cleverness meet. His punishment for every word spit is corporal as he kills each verse with no remorse. And just to show you how much he wanted to be a part of King Tech and Sway's Unplugged project...the guy spit his verse while dealing with the an awful case of the flu! Take a look below!

Next up is Chris Young who took the room by surprise when he stepped up to the mic. Don't let his smile fool you into thinking there isn't poison about to be spit from his lips! This kid is unassuming but when he grabs a microphone it's curtains on the kindness as he is about to murder every lyric in the song. His abilities to spit his truth and to share his story are nothing short of genuine gifts. He's able to take it to a place of no return! Check him out!

Well there you go! Two very different and very dope performances! Through the coming weeks there will be even more of them so stay tuned!

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