"The World Famous Wake Up Show" Drops Their Last Two Unplugged Videos [VIDEO]

As we’ve previously reported, King Tech, Sway and DJ Revolution have been dropping phenomenal videos of emerging artists over the last few weeks and this week is no exception! The World Famous Wake Up Show recently created a Hip Hop experience like none other. They took Grammy Award Winning musicians who had never played together before and paired them with emerging Hip Hop artists. The result was a day of Hip Hop genius. They are finally rolling out the videos from that amazing day! And as always AllHipHop.com got the exclusives every Monday! The very last videos are dropping today and we're excited to be the first to bring them to you!

First up is an artist that is no stranger to AllHipHop.com by any means. We've been reporting on Jasiri X for years and he's been a featured artist on our Top of the Underground list for a good reason...TALENT!

He's not only lyrical he's a beast when it comes to savagely attacking truth and throwing it in the face of power through verse! Jasiri has become a real life revolutionary in the Hip Hop game and in the Hip Hop culture at large and his spit game is beyond ridiculous. His ability to hit up everyone's collective truth in a verse and somehow personalize the message for each individual listener simultaneously has been seen rarely since the days of Chuck D and KRS...but don't just take our word for it...take a look below at how he worked the mic that day in LA!

And last but definitely not least was an artist that rolled into the spot that day and had not a care in the world! He sat down to do the interview with me and his confidence in Hip Hop and in himself had to be one of the brightest spots of the day. He knew what he came there to do and he went for it wholeheartedly! Hist spit game was reminiscent of the fun times of Hip Hop when it was about the metaphorical ability of an artist and not the gimmick.

Simply put he was a freakin joy to listen to! You wanted to hear the next punchline and joke. He was just FUN to watch! The Saurus proved that Battle Rap doesn't just mean a dude who raps without music...he brought it to a place where many have long since forgotten it could go! And he did a great job of moving the crowd with his wit and candor! So take a look at our friend The Saurus!

This project has been a blast to cover and it was an honor to be one of the few in the room that day. I was tasked with not only interviewing the artists in the pre-interviews that you've seen in each video but also with getting the various emcee's to the mic and watching each and every one of them blow the set up in their very own ways! It was a pleasure to meet the band members and to get to hang out with the King Tech , Sway and of course DJ Revolution during this amazing project that no one knew a thing about! Thanks to all who let me take part and to those who felt I should be there! Again...it was like Hip Hop church up in there! And I hope we get the opportunity to save more Hip Hop souls one day soon!

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