The World Famous "Wake Up Show" Gets Unplugged [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

It was history in the making a few weekends ago out in LA when King Tech, Sway and DJ Revolution of The World Famous "Wake Up Show" finally made one of their dreams come true. The trio has been working together in Hip Hop harmony for years and are responsible for breaking artists across airwaves from all walks of Hip Hop. From Crooked I all the way over to Eminem, they have been responsible for lending both a mic and credibility to emerging artists world wide.

Well, last month Sway, Tech and DJ Revolution put out a call for emerging artists that they had already broken to come out to LA and be a part of a super secret project. Artists were not told the specifics about what they would doing, so they had to decide on a dime whether or not they were going to trust fate and jump on a plane or let an opportunity pass them by. Most decided to grab a ticket and pray for the best.

The result was lyrical epicness! The Hip Hop artists were paired up with grammy award winning musicians! They had no way to prepare for what would ensue! The live band was put together that very day. They had never even played together before! The band also didn't know the songs that the Hip Hop artists had out so they were not going to be playing the mc's music. The artists had to spit over random rhythms and improvisational songs. Each artist took a turn at the mic and each one crushed it! Check it out in the trailer below!

What resulted was nothing short of a Hip Hop revival. It was life changing for all in the room that day. The project will begin to drop over the next few weeks so get ready because once you witness it for yourselves there will be no turning back. The Culture is back kids! So stay tuned!

In the meantime check for new updates on both the "Wake Up Show Unplugged" project and to keep up with Tech, Sway and Rev about what's going on with their show on Sirius XM/ Shade 45! You can also follow them on Twitter at @wakeupshow. Don't forget to tune in Monday nights, Shade 45 on Sirius XM at 8 PM ET/ 5 PM PT!

PS. is proud to say that we broke FIVE of the acts that made it on to the epic show that day! Not too shabby huh? We picked these kids as winners to beat a few years back so we must admit we are pretty proud over here. (We won't pat ourselves on the back too long!) Congratulations fellas! Job well done!