"The World Famous Wake Up Show Unplugged Series" Drops Two More Hot Videos [VIDEO]

As we’ve previously reported, King Tech, Sway and DJ Revolution have been dropping phenomenal videos of emerging artists over the last few weeks and this week is no exception! The World Famous Wake Up Show recently created a Hip Hop experience like none other. They took Grammy Award Winning musicians who had never played together before and paired them with emerging Hip Hop artists. The result was a day of Hip Hop genius. They are finally rolling out the videos from that amazing day and AllHipHop.com has got the exclusives! 

First up is a guy that we like to refer to as the Michael McCary of "The Wake Up Show Unplugged Series"! He had the deepest voice of all the kids who spit the day of the Wake Up Show Unplugged taping! (Michael MCary is the dope deep voiced guy in Boyz II Men who eventually left the group and who's voice is missed on every new track! But we digress!) Gil Gatsby came in grabbed the mic and had his way with both his flow and the music. His voice was more than deep...it was commanding and by the time he finished spitting he convinced all who had been talking with him all day that it was more than a dope tone of voice that got him there...the boy could spit gems too! Double threat! Check him out in the video below!

Next is a kid that stepped to the mic with a laid back yet serious super West Coast vibe! He unloaded on the mic in such a way that made all in the room sort of release a quick and much needed exhale and bob their heads along with his flow. For all who had come from far away to be there...R-mean's rhyme scheme was the very definition of California rap that they had hoped to hear someone spit! While there were several Left Coast artists in the room, no one quite captured the LA essence as in the case of R-mean! But the craziest part of it all is, that while he is from LA... he grew up overseas! We love stories like that! See what we mean below!

Well there you go! Two very different and very dope performances! Through the coming weeks there will be even more of them so stay tuned!

Check out www.wakeupshow.com  for new updates on both the “Wake Up Show Unplugged” project and to keep up with Tech, Sway and Rev about what’s going on with their show on Sirius XM/ Shade 45! You can also follow them on Twitter at @wakeupshow. Don’t forget to tune in Monday nights, Shade 45 on Sirius XM at 8 PM ET/ 5 PM PT!