The Youngbloodz: Music2DriveBy

When Dr. Dre tests

out his beats, he jumps in the whip and takes his sounds for a ride. While great

music has always been associated with the move and the road, hip-hop is only

recently stepping up to leave the block.

One of the innovators in this world of motion is the Atlanta duo, the Youngbloodz.

J-Bo and Sean Paul hit us with a hand-full of hits about driving, most notably,

“85.” In addition to that, these two dudes really know how to flex

their fuel injection in the videos. Reaching number one on the charts a couple

weeks back, the ‘Bloodz chop it up with AllHipHop to talk about records,

reviews, and rides.

AllHipHop: I didn’t

feel the album, and my review was kind of harsh. I loved Against Da Grain, and

I do realize that I’m just a damn Hip-Hop writer. But can you help me understand

the new album?

Sean Paul: Man,

we’re just laid back and crunk with it. We’re real comfortable where

we at. We know we still got some songs that’ll get you crunk and everything.

This album man, we done been through a whole bunch of shit, man. We remain partners

through the whole shit, drinkin’ partners – just drinkin’, having

a good time.

J-Bo: Well for

one, we just stepped it up: new situation. The album’s just hot, man. I

don’t have a favorite song. It’s something you can ride to, dance

to, kick to. I think the album is just universal.

AllHipHop: Yeah,

as far as tracks to ride to…”Lane 2 Lane” seemed like a sequel

attempt to “85”.

J-Bo: Actually,

[it ’s] “My Automobile.” We kinda figured that would be the new

“85.” It’s produced by Mello out the group P.A. It just comes

natural, kockin’ ‘em out.

AllHipHop: First

time I saw the Youngbloodz, it the “U-Way” video. I loved that video,

it was fun, it was comical. It was great. What’s your input like on your


J-Bo: We just do

us, man. We just be original. We just keep it us. We different. We wanna be

able to stand-out.

AllHipHop: How

does it feel to hit number one so early?

Sean Paul: It ain’t

really kicked into me yet. It don’t really matter to me. I don’t look

at the charts and all that shit. I just make music for folks to have a good

time and party.

AllHipHop: Why

do heads love this album so much?

Sean Paul: When

we were younger man, it was that younger crowd that was fuckin’ with us.

We got a lil’ older now. Now we got these younger kids getting crunk again,

nahmean? So when [we] came back and hit ‘em with another joint, we got

a younger crowd [too .]

AllHipHop: How

did switching to So So Def affect you?

Sean Paul: Actually,

it helped me. [So So Def] unlocked a whole lotta shit, man. You gotta open that

shit. You gotta be ready, man. I been blessed to [already] have an album that

folks will [always] remember. And it’s only the second album. But me and

J learned a whole lot more, you feel me?

AllHipHop: I’m

not trying to stick it to the South, believe me. But I love the Youngbloodz

because you incorporate the roots of hip-hop into your sound. How do you pull

that in?

J-Bo: I’mma

take you back to like Run-DMC days, man. And LL, and all them cats, man. Those

are my influences.

AllHipHop: What

role does the Cadillac play in Southern hip-hop?

Sean Paul: Cadillacs

is the South, man. You see a brother drivin’ a Cadillac back in the day,

you knew somebody was doing good. So we keep it Cadillac pimpin’ for real,


AllHipHop: Nothin’

against the Lincoln though?

Sean Paul: Nah

nah, I love the stinkin’ Lincoln too.

AllHipHop: I think

you guys and Outkast got the best taste in your rides in the videos. What’s

your roster lookin’ like now?

J-Bo: I got a ’77

Sedan Deville. I got an SS. I’m on my way to get the new Escalade. But

we be on the road so much, we don’t get to drive ‘em anyway. Just

walk past ‘em walkin’ in, walkin’ out.

Sean Paul: Got

an ’87 Fleetwood, cocaine white. Got a ’59 Chevy, got a ’65 Pontiac.

Old school, man!

The Youngbloodz

will be performing at The Source Awards next month.