This Is Where You Got It From: Theories of Origin 3

Artist: DJ Nikoless SkratchTitle: This Is Where You Got It From: Theories of Origin 3Rating: 4 StarsReviewed by: Max Herman

DJ’s may never return to being the focal point of Hip-Hop, despite being the forefathers of the culture. But thanks in part to Hip-Hop historian DJ Nikoless Skratch, their immeasurable contributions throughout history will not be forgotten. On This Is Where You Got It From: Theories of Origin 3 (Rhymesayers Entertainment), Nikoless presents perhaps the most comprehensive and addictive blend of DJ tracks in Hip-Hop's history. Granted, there are not many mixes of this kind out there, but this one is going to be hard to top.

Think back to a time when a DJ cut wasn't a rarity on a group's album or, moreover, when a DJ cut could be a single. Whether you remember getting hypnotized by the rhythm and turntable trickery of classic mini-mixes like "Adventures Of Grand Master Flash On The Wheels of Steel" years ago, or this is your first time hearing them, it would be hard not to get caught up in this adrenaline rush of a blend. And unforgettable DJ tributes like "Jam Master Jay" by Run DMC only add fuel to the fire. As the 80’s were such a DJ-centric decade, it makes sense why songs from this era dominate this mix. It would be a shame if recognizable songs like "AJ Scratch" (AJ w/ Kurtis Blow) and "Rock It" (D. ST w/ Herbie Hancock) weren't included. Sure, if you've been listening to Hip-Hop long enough, you probably already own a few of the aforementioned records. Nonetheless Nikoless' history lesson is so inclusive that it's doubtful your crates carry both modern underground gems like J-Live's "Waxpaper" and older rarities like "Ride The Crossfade" (Dollar Bill w/ Jewel T), which are included here.

As DJ’s and MC’s become more segregated, it's good to be reminded that there was a time when rappers could step aside and let their DJ share some studio time--when an MC could let his DJ play that beat and cut it up without rushing him out of the spotlight. It's also good to see the evolution of turntable manipulation as the vinyl addicts of today like Mr. Dibbs and Q-Bert, oddities and all, are represented on this blend. Through Theories of Origin 3, Nikoless Skratch certainly proves he's a worthy selector. Whether you've been listening to Hip-Hop since '82, '92 and even '02, there's something to take away from this lively and historic two-disc mix.