Three Questions With Glamour

(AllHipHop Features) In the not too distant past, all female music groups dominated the Billboard charts and cable music channels. Acts such as Salt-N-Pepa, Destiny’s Child, En Vogue, TLC, Spice Girls, and Xscape were routinely heard on radio dials across the country. Over the last decade that phenomenon has died down a bit, but three young ladies out of Atlanta are looking to breathe life back into the girl group category.

Kaylan (15), Lady (16), and Moriah (15) make up the members of the R&B/Pop trio known as Glamour. The three girls first met as part of AGI Entertainment’s “Extreme Performance Camp” in 2012. Natarsha Garcia and Brandin Jay of AGI decided to put the singer Kaylan, the dancer Lady, and the actress Moriah together to form a potential all-around entertainment juggernaut.

The teenagers are now under the guidance of Grammy winner Kandi Burruss as well. As a former Xscape vocalist, Kandi is able to advise Glamour on how to navigate the girl group waters. The head of Kandi Koated Entertainment also provides a blueprint on becoming a dominant businesswoman, an area the girls plan to explore in the future.

Years of media training, vocal lessons, and dance rehearsals as well as a stint on season 3 of X Factor have prepared Glamour to make a notable mark in show business. Fans can look out for an official EP from Kaylan, Lady, and Moriah in the near future. caught up with Glamour to get the up-and-coming triple threats to discuss their meaning of success, favorite movie stars, and ultimate glam looks. Get to know members of the next generation of girl groups in this “Three Questions” interview.

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How would you define success for your group?

Moriah: When we say success, our goal is to reach young girls and change their lives. We want to inspire them to say, “I can follow my dreams. I can do this.” If we’re successful enough to have a million girls say, “Glamour’s the reason why I did this," that’s success. To have a big house and nice cars, that’s nice, but to make a difference in people’s lives, that’s success.

Kaylan: That’s what Glamour is all about. We promote self-confidence and not having to stick with the status quo. You can do your own thing, branch out, be yourself and still be successful.

Lady: That’s for anything that you do, not just entertainment. If you want to be a doctor, be a doctor. If you want to be a lawyer, be a lawyer. Do whatever you want to do that makes you happy. Just be yourself.

If there was a biopic made about Glamour, who would you want to play you in that movie?

Lady: I want to say Zendaya. That would be dope.

Moriah: I would pick Tika Sumpter. I really love her. She’s a beautiful dark-skinned woman. I love her acting. So Tika or Gabrielle Union.

Kaylan: I feel like I would pick either Keke Palmer or China Anne McClain. I really love China. Sometimes people say I remind them of China.

The R&B Girl Group Is Back: Glamour + Kandi
The R&B Girl Group Is Back: Glamour + Kandi

What is your ultimate glam look?

Lady: I really like tom-boyish stuff like [the styles of] Aaliyah, Kehlani, Zendaya, and Ciara. All of those type of looks.

Moriah: I love girly stuff. I love classy stuff. I like wearing skirts and dresses. I just love being cute.

Kaylan: For me, it’s all about different stuff. I like out of the box stuff. I like stuff you wouldn’t see a girl walking down the street wearing. I want my stuff to be original. The person I really look up to as far as style is Rihanna. I love Rihanna. I like leather, platform shoes, and shoulder pads. That would be my ultimate glam look.

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