Three Questions With Rosewood Bape

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The Boston rhymer talks Billboard charts, the Biggie era, and his first ménage à trois.

(AllHipHop Features) Boston's Rosewood Bape first discovered his love for making music back in 2009 when he purchased a microphone, downloaded a recording program, and started experimenting with his sound. Eight years later, the melodic rapper formerly introduced himself as an artist with his debut album Ro$eGold.

“Kanye West had the ‘Rosewood’ movement going on when I started getting back into music. I was a huge G.O.O.D. Music fan and was inspired by the movement,” explains the New Englander on the creation of his professional moniker. “I liked the name so I took it. And Bape is just what people round my way been calling me for a minute so I just put the two together.”

Besides Ye, Bape was also a fan of stars such as Drake, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and southern rap acts as well as battle rap legends like Conceited, Hollow Da Don, and Loaded Lux. When it came time to put together Ro$eGold, the "Ride 4 Me" performer called on fellow neophytes PnB Rock and Zoey Dollarz for features.

“I connected with PnB Rock during a studio session in New York last year. We vibed to music and made music as well. It was dope getting to know him before he blew up,” Rosewood Bape tells AllHipHop. “Zoey was in my city for a show. We were booked on the same bill. We linked at the studio before the show and made ‘Bands Coming.’”

Bape is still grinding hard in order to expand his reach well beyond the Boston area. Learn more about his thoughts on the Hot 100 chart, an iconic Hip Hop era, and a memorable moment from his high school days in AllHipHop’s “Three Questions” series.

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AllHipHop: If you could only achieve one of these accomplishments - win a Grammy Award, have a platinum album, or have a Billboard #1 single - which one would you pick?

Rosewood Bape: I would want to have a Billboard single. All that Grammy stuff is politics, but when you got a #1 on the top of the charts, it shows the people are really feeling your style.

AllHipHop: If you could experience any historic Hip Hop moment that you missed, what moment would you want to relive?

Rosewood Bape: I would want to relive the era Biggie lived through. I was young when B.I.G. was in his prime and didn't have much of an understanding of the culture, the impact, and standard of excellence. I think it was really survival of the fittest at the time, and [it] created some of the best records in history. Would’ve loved to enjoy that time in Hip Hop.

AllHipHop: Do you have a "Taxicab Confession" you'd like to share?

Rosewood Bape: [My] taxicab confession would be I had my first "minaj" after high school and was feeling myself for like six months.

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