Tiara: Dream Girl

There are vixens and there are hustlers. Tiara, the epitome of the internet dream girl, happens to be a little of both. She has appeared in multiple videos for the likes of G-Unit, Kanye West, and The Terror Squad, and has been raking in dough from websites featuring her own images as the main attraction. She launched her own lucrative site four years ago, and has utilized her business acumen to stay competitive in the online market. No matter what she is doing, Tiara has always called her own shots.

AllHipHop.com Alternatives has the exclusive photo shoot and interview with the Richmond, California native, and she’s confident that we’ll be seeing a lot more from her!

AllHipHop.com Alternatives: What was your background before you became a web goddess?

Tiara: I was a financial analyst and a marketing analyst, so I knew about the correlation between image and money. Once I figured it out, I was like, “I may as well try this on my own.” I’m making these people rich and not sharing in the profit that my knowledge and hard work was generating.

AHHA: There are lots of sites like yours with beautiful woman in provocative poses. How do you distinguish yourself from these sites?

Tiara: You know what? I didn’t even consider other sites. The people choose who’s best and they’ll pay for whatever they like. I don’t compare myself with others ‘cause they ain’t me. I don’t care about other sites

AHHA: Are you down with anyone else in the industry?

Tiara: Me and Lyric are cool. I like her, but at the end of the day, we’re two different people with two different audiences. I make money and I love my people, but they aren’t the ones paying for what I do. I’m focused on my business. My marketing is targeted and I am trained in that field. I didn’t just up and decide to take my clothes off and get money. After I left my job, I put together a 16-page marketing plan before I started this shit.

I draw a fine line between my site and reality. I sell fantasy. It still amazes me how people react to me. I didn’t like dealing with the shadiness of the industry. Everyone started from the bottom, from Hugh Heffner to Puff. I’m not a model - I don’t have a portfolio. I’m real. My career is focused. I don’t even do magazines unless they mention my site. I consider myself a pioneer. This Internet thing will be the biggest media in the future - bigger than television.

AHHA: What is your main focus in making connections with your fans?

Tiara: Interaction - allowing them into my world. Everything they see is different from who I am. I bring them in and let them share in Tiara’s world, showing my appreciation for their love. I don’t believe my own hype. I live on Earth, not in the clouds.

AHHA: Do you ride with anyone in the biz?

Tiara: Yeah a couple. Love from XXL magazine. She’s a hustler. I respect her hustle, [also] Margarita and Dika. They are cool people and about their biz

AHHA: Do you have trouble separating yourself from the role you play?

Tiara: Not at all. It’s real easy to differentiate. I don’t walk the street in things and 8-inch heels. That’s all image.

AHHA: So being objectified doesn’t bother you?

Tiara: I make my living as a sex object. It comes with the territory

AHHA: How do you feel about little girls wanting to follow your path?

Tiara: I think little girls should have something to fall back on besides their asses.

AHHA: What videos have you been in?

Tiara:“Karma” [Lloyd Banks], “Candy Shop” [50 Cent], “Take Me Home” [Terror Squad], and “Workout Plan” [Kanye West]

AHHA: Did you have any issues with rappers trying to get “extra”?

Tiara: Nah, it was all love. G-Unit was pretty cool. 50 [Cent] always teases me ‘cause we have the same birthday. He told me I could be a star - I could borrow it. [laughs]

AHHA: What do you feel about magazines like Essence condemning rap videos as negative to women?

Tiara: To some degree the have points, but it’s entertainment and sex sells. I can see making a few changes, but I don’t know about a boycott. I’m a woman, and I don’t want to see an all-boy video.

AHHA: If you could be anywhere doing anything right now, where would you be?

Tiara: I’m not impressed with too much. I guess Jamaica. I liked it there.

AHHA: Do you watch porn?

Tiara: Once in a while

AHHA: What kind?

Tiara: Black Porn sucks. White porn they get the flyest chicks they can find. Black porn you see all the stretch mark heifers. It’s like having a bad weave is in the contract. You can find 20 of them on the track right now. Sh*t, if they having a problem finding beautiful women, I know plenty of them

AHHA: You’re about your business. I like that. What’s in the future for your growing empire?

Tiara: DVD production, create my own product lines. Real Estate in Florida and California. Nothing lasts forever - you gotta be able to change.

AHHA: Good Date or Good Book?

Tiara: Good Book. I don’t date a lot. Guys come at me all the time but really they are not serious. I’m not a persona in real life. I’m a person! I don’t judge what I do or think I’m better than nobody because I got clothes on and [porn stars] don’t.

AHHA: You like roller coasters?

Tiara: Yes, I love them.

AHHA: Your favorite?

Tiara: Kansas City. The highest dip ever! I almost had a heart attack. The thrill of it… the anticipation - oh my God I love it! I’m like a big kid.

AHHA: What do you think about all these girls being bisexual?

Tiara: I read a study. Most human beings are bisexual, and a small amount of them are totally heterosexual. It sounds right, but it’s not my thing. I’m not into all that stuff, but I don’t knock it.

AHHA: Any shout outs?

Tiara: Nah, just my website www.tiaraexposed.com