Tony Neal: Bad To The Core


all the changes that occur regularly in an unpredictable industry, one thing

that is consistent is the mega networking event organized twice a year by the

Core DJs and its CEO, Tony Neal. This weekend marks the 12th

semiannual Core DJ’s Retreat, taking place in Orlando, Florida; May 7th

– May 9th, 2010. A setting bringing together today’s street and

major DJ’s, as well as tastemakers and publicists alike, the Core DJs retreat

is a major networking festivity for those looking to promote themselves, product

and/or work along with gaining some knowledge on how to further advance your

career within the industry.

AllHipHop caught up with Core DJ CEO, Tony

Neal to check in to see what can be expected this weekend and future plans for

the Core DJs.

AllHipHop: What are some headline acts that

can be expected at this year’s Core DJ retreat?

Tony Neal: We got Wacka Flocka, a major act

out of the Midwest. We got Mystikal coming. We got a reggae artist for the

ladies; just a whole lot of stuff. Triple C’s will be out there. We just have a

whole lot of stuff going on.

AllHipHop: The name is very familiar amongst those

in the industry, when did you kick off the Core DJ company?

Tony Neal: February 2005

AllHipHop: With various DJ Organizations starting up

and a lot failing, how have you maintained to keep The Core DJs so successful

with so many DJ’s wanting to be a part of the company?

Tony Neal: Because it’s a family, it’s not a

company. It’s an organization, more like a fraternity and it’s driven off of

everything else we do besides DJ. We utilize the other skills that we have

besides DJing.

AllHipHop: Starting off, how many DJs did you begin


Tony Neal: We started off with about 12 DJs, real

small. Started at home, real small about 12 or 20 DJs, and it just spread.

AllHipHop: And you’re currently at, how many?

Tony Neal: 531

AllHipHop: Are you expecting them to all come out

this weekend?

Tony Neal: A mass majority of them will be out.

There’s 1,082 DJs registered to be out this weekend, not just Core DJs. The

Core DJs Retreat is just the title but we welcome all DJs to come out and take


AllHipHop: Someone who has never been to a Core DJ

Retreat, what would the gain by attending one?

Tony Neal: A whole lot of networking; networking

with the fellow DJs. Hearing a lot of new music from Independent Artists as

well as Major. A lot of National Artists come out, so its just a big, big

networking event.

AllHipHop: What are some of the activities lined up

for the weekend?

Tony Neal: We have various panels; copyright panel

and Independent Artists on radio panel. They will be sharing steps to get your

music on the radio. We got Management panels. We have quite a few panels going

on. There’s a pool party going on, an anniversary pool party that the Core DJ

Models are putting together. We got the big party on Saturday afternoon. We’ve

got a big full lineup.

AllHipHop: Your future adventures post the retreat,


Tony Neal: Working on the syndicated radio show and

adding more stations to it – syndicated like Tom Joyner to where it will reach

different markets on the Core DJ Radio Show.

AllHipHop: Being the CEO of one of the largest DJ’s

organizations, I’m curious as to what your thoughts are to the industry and how

do you see it changing, if there is change.

Tony Neal: I think the industry is being

reconstructed. I think it’s just starting over, a lot of the older habits are

moving out and a lot of the newer things are moving in. It’s a digital age

that’s getting introduced to the industry. It’s going back to single sales and

downloading. A lot of the things cats industry weren’t ready for so now it’s

just being reconstructed.

AllHipHop: In a digital based industry, how does the

Core DJs plan to stay with times and offer things to keep up with the industry?

Do you see your company offering services along the lines of what Digiwaxx

Media as to offer?

Tony Neal: – We are working on but overall we are keeping things under wraps but I can


AllHipHop: How would an Artist get in touch with you

if they are interested in having your company assist with breaking a record or

your services in general?

Tony Neal: Our website is or they

can hit me on twitter at @thecoredjs. 877-333-9940 ext 3 is our hotline number.

The Core DJ’s Retreat 12 will be held at

the World Marriott Center (8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, FL 32821 –

( with onsite registration beginning on Thursday,

May 6th at 12 p.m. Pre-registion at