Top 25 2015 Underground Hip-Hop List

Over the last several years, played an amazing role in helping to secure exposure for deserving artists who were right at the cusp of their own greatness but, still needed that extra little push and the right set of ears to help get them over on to the next level.

We have also been instrumental in helping underground and independent artists gain new listeners and followers for the dope music that they were creating. Our lists have played their part in this task as well.
We have called more than a few winners over the years and were ecstatic to see some of our favorites graduate to that next platform during the last 12 months. We knew they were stars all along, so we’re glad to see them finally get their shine! We look forward to catching up with them in a “Where Are They Now” type of way in the coming months to show you just how far they’ve come.

That said, there are still so many deserving artists with phenomenal music, movements, stage shows and most importantly lyrical ability that we are eager to bring to you and to applaud. As we say every year, there is far too much unsigned, underground and independent talent in the world to be able to recognize them all the way we would like to. However, please don’t let the absence of artists that you are more familiar with, stop you from becoming a fan of someone new this year! And if you have suggestions for artists that we can become fans of too, please let us know in the comments! We’ve actually found some amazing talent from our readers suggestions in the past, so please keep them coming.

The 2015 list got back to the basics. We pared it down and included more music for your listening enjoyment. 2015 took us all around the country and even out of the continental US to check on artists doing their thing! We found a crazy mix of messages in the music that we selected. Whether it be about politics, struggle,encouragement, loss, suffering, enlightenment or just the party, these artists did not disappoint in their respective sectors of the Hip Hop arena. So, whether you’re listening to a song about protest or to our very first entry from a Native American Hip Hop artist, please sit and really think about what went in to the lyrics that are being spit! Hip Hop is back in a big way and we’re glad to share some new ideas about it with you.
With that said, congratulations and job very well done to our 2015 picks. Salute!
In no particular order:

R-Mean Los Angeles, CA

Idasa Tariq – Pittsburgh, PA

Mitch Littlez – Harlem, NY

Jered Sanders – The DMV

Vithym – The Bronx, NY

Lyric Michelle Houston – TX

Lou Charle$ – Ft Worth, TX

Rasheed Chappel – NJ

King Critical – Brooklyn, NY

Narcy – Montreal, CA

J. Jon – The Bronx, NY

YP – Chicago, IL

Maffew Ragazino – Brooklyn, NY

Futuristic – AZ

Gyasi Ross Suquamish, WA

Ea$y Money – Lawrence, MA

Deshawn Supreme – The Bronx, NY

Tef Poe St. Louis, MO

SonReal – Vancouver, CA

Eli Black – NYC, NY

Gifted Gab – Seattle, WA